Peter Gammons: WBC breaks through to show us something

The fact that Team U.S.A. won isn’t the point. Adam Jones and Eric Hosmer may have played with the fervor and passion of flag-waving Olympic moments from Jesse Owens to David Silk clearing the defensive zone to make real beliefs in miracles, but this isn’t the same. If there were a Cuban-American team in the […]

Peter Gammons: Spotlight on the 2017 Royals

SURPRISE, ARIZONA—This is one of those springs where the Royals needed to get out and play. Raul Mondesi, who annually roomed with Yordano Ventura, needs to play and concentrate on showing Ned Yost he is ready to play second base in the big leagues. “We all need to play,” says Salvador Perez. “Focus on baseball.” […]

Peter Gammons: David Ortiz, The Headmaster of the Moment

He spent nearly three years as David Arias in the Seattle organization until the Mariners sent him to Minnesota in 1996 in a waiver deal for Dave Hollins, then was released by the Twins in December, 2002 as David Ortiz. A month later, he was signed by Theo Epstein, who believed all he needed was […]

Bieber, Beckham, and Baseball

The following contribution comes from Trae Lewis. You can follow Trae on Twitter @traelewis. For years we’ve seen the waning appeal of the great game. The decline is reflected in lower television ratings to shrinking youth involvement in Baseball. Non-measuring, yet still impacting, factors such as lack of household Baseball player names among causal fans to […]

Coffee and Clippings: Exposed Sox Offense, A-Rod/Braun and Beyond

Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) of the Boston Globe takes a look at the predictability of the Red Sox offense… “If you pitch the Red Sox the right way, you can shut them down,” said one National League scout. “They do a tremendous job of working the count. It’s an organizational philosophy that works for them. But […]