Peter Gammons: Dennis Eckersley and what it is to be a teammate

I spent 11 Januaries flying into Cleveland for the Indians Rookie Development Program, and have done many others, from the Yankees to the Red Sox to the Rays. There was always one story I told about what it is to be a teammate, a story about Dennis Eckersley. A lot of those young players to […]

Peter Gammons: The archaic, arbitrary, and unwritten rules of beaning

Manny Machado made a late, bad slide Friday. He didn’t read the situation, as Dustin Pedroia was stretched out towards Xander Bogaerts, back turned to first base, and had no intention of turning a double play, which should have been obvious to Machado, who slid, leg high, caught the knee Pedroia had surgically repaired in […]

Don Zimmer played 12 years in the majors

I tell people all the time that “it always comes back to baseball.” Don Zimmer lived that life. Zimmer spent 66 of his 83 years as a manager, player, coach and baseball executive, 56 of those years were in the majors. I can say that I am envious of those who got to spend time […]

News report: Mike Trout has back inflammation

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. Lee can be followed on twitter @ATMreports. 1) A MRI on Angels CF Mike Trout’s sore back shows just inflammation. Trout was out of the lineup again yesterday, but appears to be able to avoid the DL. […]