Dodgers Break (some) Unwritten Rule by Celebrating a Division Title

Wins have been beaten to death on Twitter by Brian Kenny of MLB Network. Pitcher wins to be precise. And that’s because they are silly. Silly silly silly. Only once this year do I think that a pitcher legitimately deserved to be handed a win, and that was when Clayton Kershaw both pitched a complete […]

Hall of Famer, Adam Dunn?

If you are anything like me, you like to spend a lot of time on Baseball-Reference. Some would say: “Too much time.” Those people who qualify as “some” would be my wife. But I disagree. Baseball-Reference is like having a friend. A very smart friend. You need to make time for those friends. And I […]

Stop Slipping, Pirates

1992. That was the last time that the Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning season. And they were so close last year with a 79-83 record. So painfully close. I imagine that no team has ever planned a parade for simply having a winning season, but I envision that the city of Pittsburgh already has plans […]

Mike Trout and the Word “Historic”

I have this friend. We’ve only known each other for a little more than a year now, but I talk to him with regularity. Sometimes we talk about life, but most of our conversations revolve around baseball, the Angels in particular, but it never stays that way. One way or another, the conversation turns into […]

Fishing for Answers in Miami

Maybe it’s for the best that we really don’t know where the money came from to build Marlins Park, or what really was said to Jose Reyes before he went to Dubai and was traded. Maybe it serves no purpose to know why none of the free agents, like Reyes and Mark Buehrle, who were […]