Peter Gammons: Austin Filiere, future third baseman/general manager from MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the starting place for Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Bernacke, Christina Romer, Lawrence Summers and founders of more than 25,000 companies. It has had more than 85 Nobel Laureates, 34 astronauts, 65 Marshall Scholars, 45 Rhodes Scholars, 38 McArthur Fellows, one Major League Baseball general manager (Farhan Zaidi, Dodgers) and one […]

Peter Gammons: Wade Boggs’ Career at Fenway Park

The point isn’t that it took so long for Wade Boggs’ number to be retired in Fenway, it is that 26 will now be there as long as Fenway. Hey, the man had to wait seven years in the minors and pass through three Rule V drafts to get to the big leagues, where he […]

Coffee and Clippings: Baseball and tobacco are a deadly mix

Dr. Howard K. Koh (@DrHowardKoh) of Harvard Chan School of Public Health and the former president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, Dr. Alan C. Woodward join the Boston Globe to discuss the ignored dangers of tobacco in baseball… As physicians who have spent decades providing patient care and promoting public health, we believe it is time to make baseball […]

Coffee and Clippings: Tyler Clippard even more vital after Jenrry Mejia’s moronic act

Ken Davidoff (@KenDavidoff) of the New York Post discusses Tyler Clippard’s arrival to the Mets as the air of Jenrry Mejia’s 162 game suspension is still swirling at Citi Field … The moron alarm blasted at Citi Field on Tuesday. But the Mets displayed they might just possess sufficient moron protection. Indeed, by the time Tyler […]

Peter Gammons: The Jeter Generation

On the final day of Derek Jeter’s career, it was Détente Sunday in Boston. Red Sox and Yankee fans alike wore RE2PECT t-shirts, Bostonians wore shirts commemorating Jeter retiring in Fenway Park, Yankee fans by the thousands lined Yawkey Way in Jeter uniforms and the best there can be in baseball came when Jeter ran […]

October Ball Returns to Boston

The Red Sox began their intrasquad classic at 3:07 Wednesday, Friday’s game time, and the day was precisely what they wanted. It was a bright autumnal sun, the sky clear blue, that sky that made you remember a ball Jermaine Dye lost in an ALCS or Lou Piniella lost—then stabbed and found—in the 1978 playoff […]