Peter Gammons: The Padres pillar in San Diego grows stronger than ever

The first time the ad for “The Founder” ran, the first thought wasn’t about a Big Mac or McRib sandwich, it was about who would play Doug Rader taking the lineup card up to home plate in a chef’s hat, the night after Ray Kroc called his newly-owned Padres a bunch of “short order cooks.” […]

Newberg: Happy New Month.

“Veteran scouts are blown away by [the] Rangers’ farm system, counting 16 legitimate prospects, easily the most in MLB, giving them ammo for trades. “So, yes, the Rangers, who need bullpen help, have plenty of prospects to land whoever they desire at the trade deadline.”  So tweeted USA Today’s Bob Nightengale yesterday. San Diego traded closer Fernando […]

Peter Gammons: Loria remains patient as Marlins focus long-term

No one knows what Fernando Rodney will mean to the Marlins. A.J. Ramos has been successful in his last 33 save opportunities, David Phelps has blossomed into a prime setup man throwing 98 mph, Mike Dunn will be back soon. But Don Mattingly will worry about how Rodney and Ramos are used over time. The […]

Peter Gammons: Key adjustments propelling Mariners’ surge

(Chris Denorfia and Austin Jackson Friday night at Fenway Park.)  It was one thing to walk into Fenway Park and score five runs off Koji Uehara in the ninth inning to beat the Red Sox 5-3. It is another to think about where that puts the Mariners: in the second wild card spot with Oakland, […]

MLB Video Highlights: All-Star Game Special

Derek Jeter gives a pregame speech in the AL clubhouse… Andrew McCutchen starts off the game by showcasing his speed… Felix Hernandez strikes out two through one inning… Complete Derek Jeter Recap… Jeter from the post-game press conference… Mike Trout opens up the scoring with an RBI triple in the 1st inning… Miguel Cabrera hits […]

MLB Video Highlights: Jon Singleton hits home run in MLB debut, Cruz goes deep in Texas

Collin McHugh’s with the behind the back stab… Josh Hamilton goes deep in Houston… Jon Singleton hits home run in MLB debut… Jon Singleton conversation… Wrigley scoreboard operator falls asleep… Nate Schierholtz hits a walk-off single down the right field line to beat the Mets… Nelson Cruz absolutely crushes one to left against his former […]

Lefties lay off Fernando Rodney’s fastball/changeup combo

Excluding a select few bullpen iron men  like Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman, relievers just aren’t built for sustained excellence. Their job — hurling max-effort pitches, logging what amounts to two months’ worth of innings for a starter — is inherently volatile. Some ‘pen arms manage to dominate for a decade-plus, avoiding injury and bad bounces that balloon ERAs, but many more devolve from relief ace […]

Coffee and Clippings: Breaking down the Royals’ infield

Brad Johnson (@BaseballATeam) of FanGraphs breaks down the Royals’ infield… According to mock drafts, rankings, and general punditry, Hosmer is the best of the Royals infielders. While his power is somewhat disappointing for a fantasy first baseman, his ability to post double digit steals is a blessing from a slow-footed position. Projection systems expect modest […]

“There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando”

According to multiple reports, the Mariners and Fernando Rodney have agreed to a 2-year, $14-million contract. Jonah Keri of ESPN and Grantland was the first to break the news. Oh, Fernando had you only been a free agent after your 2012 season you would be looking at much larger numbers today on your new contract. The contract is significantly lower than […]

No long-term magazine subscriptions for relievers

If you are a relief pitcher, there is no point in signing up for a long-term magazine subscription because you never know where you will be from one year to the next and you have no idea what your address will be. Look at these Hot Stove travel arrangements: Grant Balfour is heading to the […]