Peter Gammons: Quick notes for a Wednesday in January

There’s been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will creep up to the necessary 75% with five more shots on the ballot. But it may not be that easy, because despite their increases, it’s difficult to ascertain how fixed hard-liners that did not vote for them will […]

Around the majors report: Cubs send Kris Bryant to the minors

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. All stats in the ATM reports are generated from the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, unless explictly stated otherwise. FRAA, since 1950, comes from Baseball Prospectus. Lee can be followed on twitter @BaseballEncyclo. 1) The Cubs sent 3B Kris […]

10 Things I Think I Think

Elliot Kalb is the senior manager of research for MLB Network, a noted researcher and baseball historian. You can follow him on Twitter @MrStats50. 10 Things I Think I Think: 1) Defensive Shifts:  I’m still not sure I’m buying it…but Clint Hurdle buys into it…the Pirates buy into it…and there might be a…well, “shift” in my […]