Peter Gammons: The Matisse Chapel, Fenway, Houston, and creating what’s right

On a hill in the town of Vence in the South of France sits a building that during World War II was a small garage, rebuilt into the Matisse Chapel over a four year period, finished in 1951. Inside, it’s stark, simple, stunning beauty takes one to a feeling of a frozen motion, one that […]

Peter Gammons: Dennis Eckersley and what it is to be a teammate

I spent 11 Januaries flying into Cleveland for the Indians Rookie Development Program, and have done many others, from the Yankees to the Red Sox to the Rays. There was always one story I told about what it is to be a teammate, a story about Dennis Eckersley. A lot of those young players to […]

Remembering the members of the baseball community we lost in 2013

Playing Yrs From To ASG WAR/pos G Date of Death Jim Cosman 3 1966 1970 0 -0.1 12 Jan 7 Fred Talbot 8 1963 1970 0 2.0 207 Jan 11 Bubba Harris 3 1948 1951 0 -0.3 87 Jan 12 Enzo Hernandez 8 1971 1978 0 0.4 714 Jan 13 Bill Glynn 4 1949 1954 […]