Peter Gammons: Quintana crosses town to Wrigleyville, Springer’s MVP shot, and more

The news of the Cubs blockbuster trade featuring Jose Quintana broke around 11 Thursday morning. The phone rang. “So much for the hangovers,” said the major league coach on the other line. “Theo and Jed just dumped a bucket of ice water over the entire clubhouse. What differentiates those guys is that they understand players. They […]

Peter Gammons: State of the league going into the All Star Break

We’ve heard the game show since mid-March, “buyers” and “sellers,” who they should be and what they should do. As the second half of the season began, by Friday the Milwaukee Brewers had a 4 ½ game lead in the National League Central with the fourth best run differential (+40) in the league. And when […]

Peter Gammons: The Pirates and the depreciating asset of Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole was brilliant Wednesday night. He gave up one bloop single in his first six innings. Then again, since the Pirates’ April 3 opener at Fenway Park, Cole has been consistently brilliant, allowing two earned runs or less in his last seven starts. He is healthy. He is still a power pitcher who averaged […]

Videos: Peter Gammons from Tigers and Pirates Spring Training

Peter is down in Florida covering Spring Training story-lines for MLB Network…. Hot Stove from Tigers camp… Hot Stove from Pirates camp… High Heat from Pirates camp…

Peter Gammons: For those with trader’s remorse

We are so familiar with prospects we were stunned when Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez went in a trade for Adam Eaton. Never mind that one hybrid scouting and analytics general manager referred to Eaton as “one of the 15 best players in the game” and my personal fondness for Eaton’s game likeness to Ken Linseman, the […]

Peter Gammons: Bringing along a top prospect

Prospects are like sophomore college quarterbacks. Play them. Now. It was that way in 2013 when Jackie Bradley Jr. tore up spring training, the Red Sox were coming off a meltdown season and talk shows howled for him to go North for Opening Day. An injury opened the door, and when he put up a .189 average […]

Is Pirates’ Rotation Prepared for NL Central Warfare?

To paraphrase manager Clint Hurdle, the Pittsburgh Pirates have serious street cred when it comes to fixing pitchers. From A.J. Burnett (twice) to Francisco Liriano, and Edinson Volquez to J.A. Happ, the Pirates have a track record of extracting maximum value from low-cost, low-profile signings and trades. They take castoffs from MLB’s Island of Misfit […]

2015 IP Leaders by Team

There were 28 pitchers who threw 200.0+ innings in 2015 with the White Sox having three and the Braves, Cubs, Astros, Dodgers, and Nationals having two each. The 28 was the lowest total for a full season since the 25 in 1947. There a dozen teams that did not have a pitcher reach 200 innings pitched. […]

The Anomaly of Gerrit Cole’s Wild Card Mishap

Wednesday night’s NL wild card matchup between the Cubs and Pirates was supposed to be an epic duel between  Jake Arrieta and Gerrit Cole, two starters seemingly entrenched in the peak of their respective careers, with do-or-die implications literally on the line. Instead, that didn’t happen. While Arrieta held up his end of the bargain by logging nine scoreless innings […]

The NL Central Championship

Here we sit just hours before the first pitch of the 2015 NL Wild Card Game, a game that is supposed to host 2 teams on the bottom end of the playoff spectrum as they cling desperately to their playoff hopes. The only difference is that this year the teams are 2 of the best […]