Peter Gammons: Verlander, Price, Otani, Marlins’ ownership, and more Friday notes

The day the Astros acquired Justin Verlander, they aligned their starting pitching so that if they needed to win on the final day of the season, he would pitch that game in Boston. What they never foresaw was that as it now stands, the Indians would have home field advantage on through, which means that if […]

Jamey Newberg: Way.

We won’t ever forget this Rangers season. We won’t forget it because Yu was traded and because Adrian grabbed history and, in the relatively lousy American League and with the Rangers’ relatively unimposing schedule, there may be another reason we won’t forget it. The 2017 season was also be remembered, forever, as the year Joey […]

Peter Gammons: A Marlins Monday, position allocation, & Dusty Baker on Betts

JUPITER, Fla.—Some days the split squad games suit what the Marlins need to make their eight man bullpen work. For instance, as Mike Hill says, “we’re trying to get Ichiro Suzuki and Justin Bour as many at-bats against lefthanded pitchers as possible this spring because with a four man bench we have to see if […]

Peter Gammons: Kansas City looks to cope as more tragedy touches the game

Any premature death is tragic, be it a former baseball phenom like Andy Marte, a 30 year old man trapped inside his Mississippi trailer home in yesterday’s tornadoes, a 23 year old Stradivarius of a pitcher named Jose Fernandez, or a 25 year old kid named Yordano Ventura. Many of remember how distraught Ventura was […]

Peter Gammons: All Star Game pitching leaves something to be desired

SAN DIEGO—The All Star Game is really Coachella, or, if you missed that, October’s Desert Trip in Indio, CA. It matters because it is a three day festival, especially when you get San Diego weather (remind me: why don’t I live here?), the sport’s most underappreciated great park (thank you, Larry Lucchino, as you and […]

Peter Gammons: The accountability of PED use in baseball

One of the great attributes of Bud Selig was that he understood that baseball should be one business with 30 franchisees devoted first and foremost to the best interests of the game and the MLB business. It doesn’t, of course, work that way, because so many owners believe their own city-states are the only business […]

Peter Gammons: Mattingly, Bonds, and the Marlins

JUPITER, Fla.—The Don Mattingly – Barry Bonds hitting conversation this particular morning was whiffle ball. I’d been there with Donnie Baseball standing in front of his parents’ house in Evansville, showing me the tree in front of the house where he and his three older brother played whiffle ball, and how, since the purpose of […]

Coffee and Clippings: Giancarlo Stanton recommends playing multiple sports in high school

Eric Sondheimer (@latsondheimer) of Varsity Times Insider and the LA Times on Giancarlo Stanton recommending playing multiple sports in high school for aspiring athletes… Giancarlo Stanton, 6 feet 6 and 240 pounds, with bulging muscles that have helped him hit 181 home runs for the Miami Marlins by age 26, was standing in the Sherman […]

Marlins Bet on Dee Gordon’s Wheels

While Tom Gordon had the nickname “Flash,” that moniker really suits his son Dee Gordon better. Coming off a career-best 2015 season, Gordon just signed a five-year, $50 million extension with the Miami Marlins that includes a $14 million vesting option for a sixth year. During his first season with the Fish, the former Dodgers […]

Peter Gammons: Boras-Samson war leaves Marlins in the balance, Black Friday shopping

If you are a Marlins fan, thanks is given for simple gifts, such as a day when Tommy Hutton doesn’t get fired. Or David Samson’s energy doesn’t make the news. This Thanksgiving, they give blessings that Jose Fernandez is not going to be traded before the 2016 season opens. Yes, Jefferey Loria has a strong […]