Coffee and Clippings: Time to elect starting pitchers into HOF

David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield) of ESPN writes that it is time to elect some starting pitchers into the Hall of Fame… Curt Schilling appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time a year ago with overwhelmingly strong credentials for election: The 216-game winner ranks 26th all-time in wins above replacement for pitchers (17th-highest total […]

Qualified Hall of Famers on this Ballot

From the desk of Joe Sheehan. Joe Sheehan (@joe_sheehan) writes for Sports Illustrated and publishes the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter. The process by which players are elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame is broken, and because of that, I’m not going to bother doing a mock ballot. These are the 15 players on the […]

Video: Peter Gammons talks potential HOF inductees

Peter Gammons discusses potential Hall of Fame inductees with Richard Justice and Joel Sherman on MLB Tonight.

Peter Gammons: The Hall of Fame Debate; Who belongs in Cooperstown?

When the Hall of Fame balloting is announced January 8 on MLB Network, someone will ask, “who in the world did not vote for Greg Maddux.” Really. He certainly is one of the ten greatest pitchers, ever, whether you care for the 355 wins or being in the top ten in strikeouts or that in […]

Peter Gammons: The Hall of Fame Debate; PEDs

This is the first of two pieces on the 2014 Hall of Fame Election. This is about dealing with the ballot. Saturday will be one man’s ballot, however flawed. “The problem with the ballot in the split on sports-drugs issues. It’s the only issue that matters.”’ -Joe Sheehan The problem is that this is an […]

It was a great week for Brooklyn (and baseball)

Brooklyn probably had their best week of baseball since September 28 to October 4, 1955 when the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Yankees in the World Series, 4 games to 3, for their only world championship. This was a week that while all of baseball’s eyes were focused on the Winter Meetings in Orlando, much attention was […]

The great Eric Nadel heads to the Hall of Fame

I love listening to baseball on radio, which means I love listening to Eric Nadel of the Texas Rangers, who has worked with the team since 1979. Today, Nadel was named the winner of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence and will be honored on July 26 in Cooperstown, […]

Video: Peter Gammons from the Winter Meetings

Peter Gammons joins Hot Stove at the Winter Meetings discussing Roy Halladay’s retirement and the Hall of Fame.

It’s Unanimous – La Russa, Torre, Cox, managers without PEDs are Hall-of-Famers

While baseball continues to spitefully embarrass themselves by not inducting Marvin Miller into the Hall of Fame, at least the baseball world agrees that Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, and Bobby Cox are Hall of Fame managers. In the baseball world where unanimity is as rare as compromise in the halls of Congress, these three great […]

Hall of Famer, Adam Dunn?

If you are anything like me, you like to spend a lot of time on Baseball-Reference. Some would say: “Too much time.” Those people who qualify as “some” would be my wife. But I disagree. Baseball-Reference is like having a friend. A very smart friend. You need to make time for those friends. And I […]