Peter Gammons: Midway Point Thoughts (Parts 1 and 2)

As the 2016 passes the midway point with the curtsy of the All Star Game, last weekend’s game at Fort Bragg, N.C. perfectly captured its responsibility as the National Pastime, symbolically, and because of the Marlins and Braves players, the reality in a time when the country is struggling to maintain its most important freedom, […]

Peter Gammons: The development curve for Curaçaoan and Aruban players

In September, 2014, the Rangers’ highly intelligent general manager Jon Daniels, patient through a run of injury setbacks for the once Everyone’s All-American Top Prospect, made an interesting observation about the talented young players from Curacao and Aruba. “We have to appreciate that most of the kids out of these islands come from strong, extremely […]

Peter Gammons: Cashman gets creative with Gregorius acquisition

There was nowhere else to turn, so Brian Cashman got creative, pieced together a three-way deal and in Didi Gregorius got the Yankees a shortstop far better than anyone on the open market. We all get that he’s not Mr. November, but he is a good defender, he has a lot to learn in terms […]