David Ortiz: Swinging for the fences

Currently on pace to hit 499 home runs by the end of the season, David Ortiz has faced a swell of criticism that he, possibly to the detriment of the team, is only trying to hit home runs. Well I never knew that a home run was so detrimental to a team’s success. But I get […]

Starling Marte is Having a Career Year

Starling Marte has taken his offense to a new level in 2015. The 26-year-old outfielder, through 64 games and 267 plate appearances, has 12 home runs, 45 RBI, 13 stolen bases and a .283 batting average. Last year, Marte hit 13 long-balls and drove in 56 runs in 545 PA’s. Marte’s BABIP and OBP are […]

Matt Harvey’s Recent Home Run Problems

Prior to the 2015 season, Matt Harvey, in 36 total starts gave up 12 home runs. This year, he’s already surrendered 12 long-balls in 12 outings. During the 2012 campaign, Harvey had a HR/FB rate of 9.6%. Throughout the 2013 season, his HR/FB rate was an elite 4.7%. Thus far, that rate has ballooned beyond […]

A-Rod Riding Three True Outcomes to Redemption

Alex Rodriguez is 39 years old, playing with a pair of surgically repaired hips, and entered the 2015 season having last taken a swing in a major league game in September of 2013. Truth be told, the Yankees probably hoped he’d never taking another one, which would have saved them some of the $64 million […]

Home Run Hitters: Downward Trend

The following is a compilation of home run totals of the top 30 home run hitters in each season since 2008. Beyond that is the total home runs each of those players hit for the following two seasons. What you should notice from the numbers: Obviously there were a fair share of exceptions, but it seems […]

Neil Walker Becomes (Silver) Slugger with Smarter Plate Approach

Neil Walker is no longer just the Pittsburgh Kid — he’s also one of the game’s precious few power hitters at his position. Walker earned his first career National League Silver Slugger Award this past week, following a 2014 season in which he tied Minnesota’s Brian Dozier for the most home runs among second basemen […]

Hunter Strickland Learns Hitters Can Turn on 98, If It’s Down the Middle

Considering that Hunter Strickland‘s fastball flirts with triple digits, it’s no surprise that he has gained national recognition this postseason. Unfortunately for the Giants rookie, everyone’s talking about the exit velocity of his heaters as they soar deep into the stands. Strickland has surrendered five home runs during the playoffs, tying then-Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Chris […]

Adam Dunn & David Ortiz: Tied for 35th All-Time. Who will hit more HR’s?

Both Adam Dunn and David Ortiz recently passed the great Carl Yastrzemski on the all-time home runs list and are currently tied at the number 35 spot with 455 home runs a piece. This of course begs the question; Which player will have hit more when it is all said and done? The easy answer could […]

MLB home run numbers are way down in 2014

There has been plenty of talk of how baseball has lost its power. Whether you want to blame that on the exiting of steroids or just an overall shift in the way batters are approaching the game, the home run numbers are way down. Maybe I am telling you nothing you don’t already know. But, […]

Jose Abreu on track to break Big Mac’s rookie HR record – How’s he doing it?

Coming off a 2013 season in which the club ranked dead last in the American League in runs scored, the Chicago White Sox wagered $68 million on the pure power of Jose Abreu. The Cienfuegos slugger established what was then a Cuban single-season record with 33 homers in 2010-11, and he cracked Baseball America’s top […]