MLB Video Recap: Dodgers Clinch Division and More

Must C: Dodgers Clinch NL West Your browser does not support iframes. Must C: Courageous Sanchez lands in dugout after grab Your browser does not support iframes. Carson’s walk-off single Your browser does not support iframes. Prince grabs a snack Your browser does not support iframes. Helton fakes out Carpenter Your browser does not support […]

Ventura’s Golden Arm

Yordano Ventura didn’t get the win in Kansas City Tuesday night. But he was the story of the game, and the show of the week. The fireballing rookie made his debut against Cleveland and GM Dayton Moore said, “to be honest, it might have been the best we’ve ever seen him pitch. He was special.” According […]

Cleveland Averaging Low Attendance Rate

With two weeks to play, there are four teams averaging fewer than 20,000 per game: Tampa Bay 18,724, Miami 19,321, Cleveland 19,435 and Houston 19,595. There are five individual franchises that average more than the combined averages of the two Florida teams.     “Everyone talks about the plight of Tampa Bay and Oakland, but the […]

Coffee and Clippings: The Impressive Koji Uehara

Gordon Edes (@GordonEdes) of ESPN Boston talks about Koji Uehara’s impressive timing as he has retired 34 consecutive batters… Sure, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is impressed with Koji Uehara. Who isn’t? The Sox closer has retired the last 34 batters he faced — the equivalent of a perfect game plus seven batters — and has not allowed […]

Coffee and Clippings: Showalter, Girardi in Heated Exchange

Peter Schmuck (@SchmuckStop) of the Baltimore Sun discusses the heated exchange between Buck Showalter and Joe Girardi last night… Manager Buck Showalter charged out of the Orioles dugout at the end of the first inning Monday night, shouting angrily at Yankees manager Joe Girardi. Showalter was so hot, in fact, that he had to be […]

Indians Development and Playoff Run

One of the interesting aspects to Cleveland’s run for the wild card is that they have simultaneously contended and developed young pitching, testament to Terry Francona and pitching coach Mickey Callaway. Part of it is the result of trading for and developing one of the best young catchers in the league in Yan Gomes, who […]

MLB’s Top Hitting Second Basemen

MLB’s Best Hitting Second Basemen (sorted by OPS) G PA AVG OBP SLUG OPS K% BB% HR% BABIP Robinson Cano (NYY) 129 554 .304 .384 .501 .886 13.2% 11.0% 4.8% .316 Matt Carpenter (STL) 124 568 .311 .382 .476 .858 13.0% 9.5% 2.0% .345 Jason Kipnis (CLE) 117 522 .285 .366 .470 .836 21.8% 11.5% […]

MLB’s Late Night Walks

The following table shows MLB clubs with the highest walk rates in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings thus far this season. 2013 MLB Club Walk Rates Late in the Game P PA K% BB% Swng% Miss% Strk% ClStk% Chicago Cubs (CHC) 5724 1470 18.4% 9.7% 45.3% 23.3% 61.8% 30.2% Cleveland Indians (CLE) 5771 1485 […]

Down But Not Out

Here is a look at MLB’s top hitters when faced with a two strike count. MLB’s 2013 Leading Hitters when Facing 2 Strikes G PA AVG OBP SLUG OPS K% BB% HR% Brandon Phillips (CIN) 104 232 .288 .319 .402 .721 30.2% 3.0% 1.8% Joe Mauer (MIN) 104 270 .287 .337 .367 .704 31.5% 7.0% […]

Cleveland’s Best Since Sabathia

Great call on Scott Kazmir’s comeback: “He’s going to get a Ben Sheets contract.” Meanwhile Danny Salazar Wednesday, in his first start since taking a no-hitter into the seventh, was eye-popping. He was 95-99 against the Tigers, sitting, in one baseball man’s opinion, “at an easy 98.” Salazar may be the best starter Cleveland has […]