There were 99 pitchers who earned one win in 2014

Who had the most losses? Rk Player L Tm G GS GF SV IP H R ER BB SO ERA 1 J.J. Hoover 10 CIN 54 0 22 0 62.2 56 36 34 31 75 4.88 2 Brandon Workman 10 BOS 19 15 2 0 87.0 88 57 50 36 70 5.17 3 Jhoulys Chacin […]

The Walkoff Awards

Since there is an award season for just about everything, I’m surprised that there are no awards presented for one of the most memorable game event: the walkoff. The deciding event affects both teams and the picture of a walkoff becomes indelibly etched in our minds. I mean when you talk great moments in baseball […]

Relievers with most scoreless appearances

The job of relievers, like the job of starters is to shut down the opposition. It stands within reason that the reliever’s job is considerably easier because most frequently their appearances are shorter and they face an opposing batter only once. Top 10: 2014 teams with the fewest appearances in which their relievers allowed an […]