Peter Gammons: 2B MVP’s, contending bullpens, and more late September notes

Second base has traditionally not been an MVP position. There have been only six MVPs in either league since World War II, from Jackie Robinson in 1949, to Dustin Pedroia in 2007. In the last decade, only twice—2016 with Jose Altuve and Robinson Cano—and 2013, with Cano and Pedroia, have two second basemen made either’s […]

Peter Gammons: The Matisse Chapel, Fenway, Houston, and creating what’s right

On a hill in the town of Vence in the South of France sits a building that during World War II was a small garage, rebuilt into the Matisse Chapel over a four year period, finished in 1951. Inside, it’s stark, simple, stunning beauty takes one to a feeling of a frozen motion, one that […]

Peter Gammons: Historic view of the state of the Dodgers

Earlier this week, Joe Sheehan looked at the nine teams that had .700 winning percentages. The two best, the 1906 Cubs (.763) and 1909 Pirates (.724) played more than a century ago, played a far different game, but helped make his point, because the .763 Cubs lost the World Series. In fact, four of the […]

Video: Peter on the great Jackie Robinson

Peter joins Lauren Shehadi on MLB Central to discuss the legacy of the great Jackie Robinson, as well as the Braves rebuild, and reveals his song of the day.

Peter Gammons: WBC breaks through to show us something

The fact that Team U.S.A. won isn’t the point. Adam Jones and Eric Hosmer may have played with the fervor and passion of flag-waving Olympic moments from Jesse Owens to David Silk clearing the defensive zone to make real beliefs in miracles, but this isn’t the same. If there were a Cuban-American team in the […]

Peter Gammons: Dodgers and Giants primed for another race in 2017

GLENDALE, AR—They seem to have been bolted to one another since the end of World War II. Jackie Robinson, then Monte Irvin, and when the Dodgers tried to trade Jackie to the Giants, he refused. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Willie and The Duke. The Giants won in ’54, the Dodgers in ’55, and […]

Audio: Peter Gammons Talks About Jackie Robinson’s Legacy On WFAN

Peter Gammons Talks About Jackie Robinson’s Legacy, Courtesy of WFAN and CBS New York…

Video: Peter Gammons on Jackie Robinson, pace of play, Nationals defensive struggles and Yasiel Puig bat flips

Peter Gammons joined MLB Central to discuss the legacy of Jackie Robinson and the impact pitchers can have on the pace of play. He also talks about the Nationals’ defensive struggles and Yasiel Puig bat flips. Your browser does not support iframes.

Players and personalities around baseball discuss the legacy of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson in one word… White Sox chairman and Brooklyn native Jerry Reinsdorf shares his memories of Jackie Robinson… Former Dodgers Mickey Hatcher and Tommy Davis attend the Los Angeles RBI youth clinic and discuss Jackie Robinson’s legacy… Torii discusses Jackie Robinson… Tim Beckham on the honor of wearing #42… Harold Reynolds talks about the […]

In honor of Black History month, the first black player for each team

February is Black History Month and while I’m confident that everyone knows that Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier* for the Brooklyn Dodgers, I’m less than confident that fans are aware of the brave players who broke through for baseball’s other teams. As we honor Monte Irvin‘s 96th birthday today: Here is a list of […]