Peter Gammons: Quick notes for a Wednesday in January

There’s been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will creep up to the necessary 75% with five more shots on the ballot. But it may not be that easy, because despite their increases, it’s difficult to ascertain how fixed hard-liners that did not vote for them will […]

Surviving Outside the Strike Zone

Chris Moran is a second-year law student at Washington University in St. Louis. He is also an assistant coach with the baseball team at Washington University. He graduated from Wheaton College, where he wore the tools of ignorance for the baseball team. Follow him on twitter @hangingslurves. Maybe it comes as a surprise to you, but […]

How Greg Maddux dominated with mid-80’S heat

In this polarized age of Hall of Fame voting, when debates center on how to evaluate stars associated with PEDs and whether the limit of ten players per ballot should be abolished, one man unites the masses: Greg Maddux. It’s easy to see why Mad Dog achieved baseball’s highest honor. He was durable, eclipsing 5,000 innings pitched during […]