Video: Peter Gammons talks potential HOF inductees

Peter Gammons discusses potential Hall of Fame inductees with Richard Justice and Joel Sherman on MLB Tonight.

Peter Gammons: The Hall of Fame Debate; Who belongs in Cooperstown?

When the Hall of Fame balloting is announced January 8 on MLB Network, someone will ask, “who in the world did not vote for Greg Maddux.” Really. He certainly is one of the ten greatest pitchers, ever, whether you care for the 355 wins or being in the top ten in strikeouts or that in […]

Peter Gammons: The Hall of Fame Debate; PEDs

This is the first of two pieces on the 2014 Hall of Fame Election. This is about dealing with the ballot. Saturday will be one man’s ballot, however flawed. “The problem with the ballot in the split on sports-drugs issues. It’s the only issue that matters.”’ -Joe Sheehan The problem is that this is an […]

Puig, Ortiz, Cespedes; Strong personalities leading MLB clubs

The Tampa Bay problem consumes the people who run baseball, even more than the dilemma of how Bud Selig strikes a deal with the Giants to get the A’s into San Jose, even more than trying to figure out if the Cleveland Indians can ever be even a mid-level market when the Browns are in […]