Peter Gammons: Remembering the great Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez was 19, not even a year after signing with the Florida Marlins. He was pitching for Greensboro of the South Atlantic League, on the road in Augusta, Georgia, and a day or two after Jose threw a seven inning one-hitter, a young scout for the Tampa Bay Rays called to tell me about […]

Peter Gammons: Loria remains patient as Marlins focus long-term

No one knows what Fernando Rodney will mean to the Marlins. A.J. Ramos has been successful in his last 33 save opportunities, David Phelps has blossomed into a prime setup man throwing 98 mph, Mike Dunn will be back soon. But Don Mattingly will worry about how Rodney and Ramos are used over time. The […]

Peter Gammons: Marlins’ decision all about perspective

Former Defense Secretary tells the story that one time when he was with Barack Obama in the Oval Office and listening to some of the President’s frustrations that he said, “now tell me again—why did you want this job?” Which some day someone may ask Dan Jennings. Now that the night passed, the sun rose […]

Peter Gammons: A Beach Boys Christmas

Sit back and think about where everyone has gone since Madison Bumgarner put away the 2014 season. In the transition season from Bud Selig to Rob Manfred, when after the Kansas City Royals took the World Series to a seventh game as many as three-quarters of the teams will awaken on Christmas morning believing in […]

Martin, Stanton Deals More Significant to Toronto, Miami Than Dollar Figures

It was November, 1990. The Blue Jays had moved into their futuristic Skydome midway through the previous season. The team Pat Gillick had so carefully built, was ready to win and there was one matter to which he and Paul Beaston felt they had to address: signing a free agent. They’d never gone there, and […]

Gammons Notes: Rob Manfred, Giancarlo Stanton, recovering in Colorado and Rusney Castillo

There is no question Rob Manfred can be a very good commissioner, as Tim Brosnan would have been, and so would Bob Iger had baseball been willing to look outside their house. Manfred knows where the bodies are buried. He understands some of the issues in the gathering storms between a new union leadership and […]

Peter Gammons: Patience is tested as clubs rebuild

On the one hand, there are the Pirates, who in the sixth year of Neal Huntington’s regime remain one of baseball’s best stories. Yes, they made the playoffs for the first time since the George H.W. Bush presidency with the National League’s third best record, but, more important, what Frank Coonelly and Huntington and Clint […]

Fishing for Answers in Miami

Maybe it’s for the best that we really don’t know where the money came from to build Marlins Park, or what really was said to Jose Reyes before he went to Dubai and was traded. Maybe it serves no purpose to know why none of the free agents, like Reyes and Mark Buehrle, who were […]