Peter Gammons: Dennis Eckersley and what it is to be a teammate

I spent 11 Januaries flying into Cleveland for the Indians Rookie Development Program, and have done many others, from the Yankees to the Red Sox to the Rays. There was always one story I told about what it is to be a teammate, a story about Dennis Eckersley. A lot of those young players to […]

Peter Gammons: Wade Boggs’ Career at Fenway Park

The point isn’t that it took so long for Wade Boggs’ number to be retired in Fenway, it is that 26 will now be there as long as Fenway. Hey, the man had to wait seven years in the minors and pass through three Rule V drafts to get to the big leagues, where he […]

19 to Know about Boston’s 19-inning 6-5 victory on Friday night

So you know already that the headline is wrong. Yes, the Sox did win, and yes, the score was 6-5, but the game ended at 2:13 Saturday morning. And it was a game for the books. Here are your 19 to Know It took the Sox six-hours and 49 minutes to beat the Yankees Friday night, […]