Peter Gammons: The Matisse Chapel, Fenway, Houston, and creating what’s right

On a hill in the town of Vence in the South of France sits a building that during World War II was a small garage, rebuilt into the Matisse Chapel over a four year period, finished in 1951. Inside, it’s stark, simple, stunning beauty takes one to a feeling of a frozen motion, one that […]

Nine players you may not realize played for both the Mets & Royals

There have been 106 players (51 pitchers) who wore both the Mets blue and orange and the Royals blue and white, many of whom are pretty well known. David Cone, Carlos Beltran, Vince Coleman, Joe Foy, Brian McRae, Kevin McReynolds, Amos Otis, Hubie Brooks, and Bret Saberhagen are nine that easily come to mind. Rick […]