Peter Gammons: David Price’s anticipated return to the bullpen

In his two simulated game outings during the week, there was a sense of normalcy to David Price. He was animated and enthusiastic. The other four Red Sox starting pitchers came out from the clubhouse to watch, a symbolic gesture of team solidarity for which Price had always been known in Tampa and Detroit and Toronto. […]

Peter Gammons: Notes from early March

PHOENIX—Bryan Shaw has pitched in more games the last four years than anyone, 299, plus 11 more this past October. Cody Allen is fourth with 290 appearances, in addition to 11 more in the last post-season. Think back to what the Indians bullpen did this fall to get to extra innings in Game Seven of […]

Peter Gammons: Instant classic as Cubs win World Series

He broke out in a smile, a peaceful, calm smile. It was early on a November morning, the 343rd pitch of the seventh game of one of the most memorable World Series, and the ball Michael Martinez hit squibbled towards him, through wet grass and the tying run sprinting towards second base, and Kris Bryant […]

Peter Gammons: Four cities in five nights, contending pitchers down the stretch

It happens all over baseball. It happens in Seattle and in Baltimore, Texas flying home into the microwave heat. Everywhere. The attention this week is on the Red Sox, who are playing five games in four cities in five days in a stretch where they’re playing 23 days in a row, and a Wednesday night […]

Peter Gammons: Joe Maddon and managing human beings

MESA, Ar.—It was between games of a day-night doubleheader in Pittsburgh last September, and as we sat together in the visiting manager’s office between games, Joe Maddon summed up his managerial style. “I appreciate, love and use all the analytics and scouting information that so many people work on and get to my desk, the […]

Coffee and Clippings: What is Andrew Friedman thinking? He finally tells us

Houston Mitchell (@latimeshouston) of the LA Times on Andrew Friedman and his perception of the direction of the Dodgers… When asked to explain to fans what the Dodgers’ main objective is: “We’re going to do everything we can to compete as quickly as we can, and all the while build up our farm system as […]

Peter Gammons: Cubs’ Leadership Ensures a Merry Christmas in Wrigleyville

It’s easy to understand why John Lackey left St. Louis for the Cubs; Jon Lester is one of his closest friends, everyone who’s ever played with David Ross wants to be re-united, and he had signed with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer once before. It’s easy to get Ben Zobrist’s decision. Begin with Joe Maddon […]

Jorge Soler Succeeding with Sudden Onset Plate Discipline

If quality postseason baseball tickles your fancy, then Monday was sort of like your Christmas in October. In the first game of yesterday’s dramatic quadruple-header, Ned Yost’s Royals forced a game five with the Astros by way of a late comeback reminiscent of 2014’s improbable AL Wild Card Game. In game two, Josh Donaldson and company flexed their way to […]

Dating tips for Managers

The following contribution comes from Trae Lewis. You can follow Trae on Twitter @traelewis. Welcome to the Love and Baseball Show. The dating world for some takes a turn for the worst every year during what is called the “break up” season. The time period is conveniently around the start of spring when warm weather is […]

Peter Gammons: Pirates and Cubs play out an Indian Summer series

PITTSBURGH–As a kid, I never knew why they called it “Indian Summer,” only that it was what we hoped for growing up in a Central Massachusetts town of 2500. It meant getting off the bus in the early afternoon and playing stickball or, if there were enough kids, baseball, and that when we tucked the […]