Peter Gammons: Another February traveling through Florida

PHOENIX—The flight from Tampa to Phoenix is a time to think about how different spring training is in the two states that equally divide the 30 training teams. The difference is driving. Arizona’s longest ride from the Biltmore area of Phoenix is 40 minutes. You can do that simply turning off 17 towards Dunedin, let […]

Peter Gammons: Quick notes for a Wednesday in January

There’s been a lot of discussion as to whether or not Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will creep up to the necessary 75% with five more shots on the ballot. But it may not be that easy, because despite their increases, it’s difficult to ascertain how fixed hard-liners that did not vote for them will […]

Peter Gammons: 2015 Winter Meetings, big dollars, and differing management ideologies

NASHVILLE—I saw games in the late seventies at the Oakland Coliseum that had fewer people in the building than the Opryland Hotel, which last night housed more than 4000 guests, most, seemingly, in the lobby somewhere the size of Montana, which allowed a 45 minute trip to ones room, somewhere east of Lewistown. Normally, it […]

Sunday Nine to Notes: December 6, 2015

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files – 12/6/15 Dallas Keuchel and Jeff Samardzija led the majors each with 257 AB for batters the third time through the lineup in a start. Batters hit .268 against Samardzija but only .210 against Keuchel. In the 2013-14 seasons, Jordan Zimmermann faced a total of 16 batters […]

Peter Gammons: Filling out the Red Sox rotation, Greinke or not

Now that the qualifying offers have been offered and the free agent auction begins, one man stands alone as the most interesting figure in this market—Zack Greinke. He may win the Cy Young Award, Jake Arrieta may. In the Bill James ranking of starting pitchers for the 2015 season, Greinke ranks second, behind Clayton Kershaw. […]

Spring Training Highlights: Aces on the mound

Jordan Zimmerman, perfect in 4 inning start Verlander dominates in debut Video replay overturns call in Mariners/Angels game Buster Posey goes deep to tie game Mike Trout sells out for the double David Price and Joe Maddon on a strong 5 innings Juan Lagares steals a hit in center John Lackey gets first appearance of […]