Peter Gammons: Now that the deadline dust has settled

The first question was about the certainty of the Dodgers in the World Series. The second was a look-ahead to a replay of the 1981 Dodger-Yankee World Series. I covered the 1978 Red Sox. I remember when they were 14 up on the Yankees on July 19. Or that on August 1 they were 65-38, […]

Peter Gammons: Trade deadline thoughts from Cooperstown

COOPERSTOWN—The drive here, that begins with the Turnpike from Cataumet to Stockbridge, gave time to think about Jeff Bagwell being inducted into the Hall of Fame, which means he and Frank Thomas, born on the same day and both losers (as well as Mo Vaughn) to Dave Staton in the 1988 Cape League Home Run […]

Christian Yelich, Adjustment, and the Ingredients of a 2016 Breakout

On both a team and individual level, the last 30 days in Major League Baseball have encompassed a flurry of intriguing storylines. Heading into many teams’ final stretch-run toward the postseason (and others’ plight toward playoff obscurity), we’ve seen Bryce Harper arguably at his best. We’ve seen Yoenis Cespedes stake his claim as a potential NL MVP candidate. […]

Coffee and Clippings: Angels’ streak of 3-million-ticket years could be in jeopardy

Bill Shaikan (@BillShaikin) of the Los Angeles Times talks attendance and why the Angels have seen significantly fewer fans this season… The Angels’ home attendance has dropped 4,556 per game from what it was through 29 games last year — the third-largest decline in the major leagues, according to, through Wednesday. They are on […]

A stretch of 7th innings

The average starting pitcher in the majors goes 6.27 innings – in the AL starters go 6.32 innings and in the NL, starters go 6.23 innings. This prompted me to wonder what goes on in the 7th inning. Kevin Jepsen is a 7th inning king Here are the most 7th innings pitched. Jepsen has yet […]