Peter Gammons: Now that the deadline dust has settled

The first question was about the certainty of the Dodgers in the World Series. The second was a look-ahead to a replay of the 1981 Dodger-Yankee World Series. I covered the 1978 Red Sox. I remember when they were 14 up on the Yankees on July 19. Or that on August 1 they were 65-38, […]

Peter Gammons: Orioles pushing for top spot, rest is key for Tanaka and Maeda

Nothing seems to add up, but it doesn’t matter. Only three pitching staffs in the American League have fewer quality starts, or a higher starters’ earned run average than the Orioles. They have one pitcher who has won nine games. Wednesday night in Fenway Park their starting lineup against Rick Porcello had only three hitters […]

Video: Peter Gammons talks Hanley Ramirez, Masahiro Tanaka, and the NL Cy Young

Peter Gammons joins Kelly Nash and The Rundown on MLB Network to discuss Hanley Ramirez, Rick Porcello, Kenta Maeda, Masahiro Tanaka, and Kyle Hendricks and the NL Cy Young race…

Peter Gammons: The lost game of pepper, Astros’ analytical approach, chess, and more

Ted Williams used to play pepper almost every day, for what he said was the feel of manipulating the bat and getting the daily feel of exacting the barrel of the bat to the ball. Yet, for a number of reasons like complaints by ground crews that players dug up the grass with their games, […]

Peter Gammons: Third time around the order

On Sunday, Joe Ross, Zack Greinke, Jonathon Niese and Patrick Corbin pinch hit, Oliver Perez bunted and Shelby Miller pinch ran, then saw the game-winning hit soar over his head while playing left field. It was one of my favorite afternoons since Roger Clemens pinch hit in a 17 inning playoff game with the Braves. […]

Peter Gammons: Dave Roberts and Dodgers in reset mode

GLENDALE, Ariz.—At one point, Dave Roberts was experimenting with Andre Ethier leading off against righthanders, not exactly Dee Gordon, but an idea. “You can’t always have a guy who gets on base 40 percent of the time and steals 50 bases,” said Roberts. “You make the best of what you have.” Of the last 10 […]

Peter Gammons: Dombrowski ensuring an equiped Red Sox pitching staff

NASHVILLE—In a sense, the Dodgers and Red Sox crossed paths this off-season. They each played in the Zack Greinke market, with the Red Sox shifting to an all-out assault on David Price when their baseball operations staff felt “Boston was not a good match for Zack, as great as he may be.” Which worked out […]

Video: Peter Gammons on Zach Greinke, the new Blue Jays GM, and Kenta Maeda

Peter Gammons joins Hot Stove on the MLB Network to discuss the latest on Zack Greinke, the Blue Jays’ new GM, free agent outfielders, and where Kenta Maeda could land…

Peter Gammons: Tomas heads to the Majors; Which international player is next?

Yasmany Tomas may not understand an American Thanksgiving. He was raised in Cuba, and was working out in the Dominican Republic, and a couple of weeks back when his agent Jay Alou asked him if he needed anything, all he asked for was a legitimate, game-conditioned pitcher and a game to play in. Tomas was […]