Peter Gammons: John Lynch and the game for athletes

Orrin Freeman knows Gary Hughes is very happy now. “Gary is a huge 49ers fan,” says Freeman, “and now he can just call the general manager and get a nice, comfortable box to watch them.” The General Manager, of course, is John Lynch, one of the great safeties in the history of the National Football […]

And Now—–David Ortiz and other baseball players who are employees

And Now… baseball players who tell us that they are an employee (with all due respect accorded to John Oliver) “You know, I was a little bit down when I heard the news. Because I’m at the point in my career where I want to compete. I want to win. I’m 32 years old. I’ve […]

19 to Know about Boston’s 19-inning 6-5 victory on Friday night

So you know already that the headline is wrong. Yes, the Sox did win, and yes, the score was 6-5, but the game ended at 2:13 Saturday morning. And it was a game for the books. Here are your 19 to Know It took the Sox six-hours and 49 minutes to beat the Yankees Friday night, […]

OPENING DAY: Chris Tillman and the Baltimore Orioles

As Chris Tillman is manager Buck Showalter‘s choice to be the Orioles Opening Day starter against the World Champion Red Sox at Camden Yards on March 31, I can’t help but think of Mike Mussina. Mussina started on Opening Day for the O’s  1994-96 and after Jimmy Key started in 1997, Moose opened for the O’s […]

Five for Friday – From the Bill Chuck Files…

Five from the Files to ponder this weekend…. Won-Lost records, tell you little: Jon Lester and James Shields ended 2013 with exactly 100 career wins. Lester has a 3.76 ERA and Shields 3.79 but Shields has lost 82 games while Lester only 56. Since 2010, the only player with 20 homers and 20 steals each […]