Coffee and Clippings: Royals take epic World Series opener on historic date

Dan Shaughnessy (@Dan_Shaughnessy) of the Boston Globe weighs in on an epic World Series Game 1 and the incredibly historic date that is 10/27. It featured the first series late-inning go-ahead run due to a first baseman’s error (Eric Hosmer) since Bill Buckner’s gaffe-for-the-ages in 1986. It featured a game-saving, bottom-of-the-ninth homer by KC’s Alex […]

The Walkoff Awards

Since there is an award season for just about everything, I’m surprised that there are no awards presented for one of the most memorable game event: the walkoff. The deciding event affects both teams and the picture of a walkoff becomes indelibly etched in our minds. I mean when you talk great moments in baseball […]

News report: Russell Martin has a hamstring injury

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. All stats in the ATM reports are generated from the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, unless explictly stated otherwise. FRAA, since 1950, comes from Baseball Prospectus. Lee can be followed on twitter @BaseballEncyclo. 1) Pirates C Russell Martin had […]

All-time records for baseball’s current managers

Nine to Know: Managers and their wins Mike Scioscia is 204 games over .500, the most of any active manager. Lloyd McClendon is the only active manager over a hundred games under .500. Before the Jays dropped their last two to the Cardinals, their manager John Gibbons had finally gotten to the .500 mark. On […]

Which of the lame duck managers will get the axe in 2014? – POLL

Don Mattingly did not want to go into the 2014 season with the mantle of “lame duck” hanging over his head. The Dodgers did not want that either and brought a sense stability to the free-spending organization by providing Donnie Baseball  with a three-year contract extension. There are however a number of managers who would […]

OBP is at its lowest level in over 40 years

  Bill James and Moneyball educated the baseball world on the value of On Base Percentage (OBP) and it has become an integral part of the baseball vernacular ever since. In a 2008 report for 60 Minutes on James, Bob Costas reported: Like batting averages: the oldest way to measure a hitter, James believed that […]

Do You Love Baseball? Then Pass It On

   Chuck Todd is the host of MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown. You can follow him on Twitter @chucktodd. There’s nothing that gets my back up more than when casual sports fans attack baseball because of its perceived “slowness.” As our collective national attention spans get shorter and shorter, it apparently is easier and easier to […]