Video/Audio: Peter talks Kyle Schwarber and Michael Kopech with NBC Sports Chicago

Will Cubs trade Schwarber? Gammons and Nightengale weigh in…. Your White Sox Talk Podcast: Peter Gammons explains why Michael Kopech will win a Cy Young Award…

Peter Gammons: Agents, scouts, prospects, changing trends, and the MLB Draft

The Baseball Draft was changed in 2012 because the Commissioner’s Office felt that teams like the Red Sox could use their development revenues to sign players like Anthony Rizzo in later rounds for high round contracts. The idea was to restrict signing pools based on the previous year’s standings and allow losing teams better access […]

Video: Peter with Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber joins Peter Gammons on MLB Tonight to discuss his clean bill of health and his mindset at the plate with a limited season…

Bill Chuck: World Series Game One – By The Numbers

World Series Game One – By The Numbers 1 – Kyle Schwarber had one hit last night in his amazing recovery from April surgery; he now has one hit this season in total 2 – Roberto Perez had the first two-homer of his career last night, he also hit the second three-run homer of his career; Perez […]

Video: Peter Gammons and Jon Morosi on Kyle Schwarber rejoining the Cubs

Peter Gammons and Jon Morosi join MLB Tonight on MLB Network from Cleveland to discuss Kyle Schwarber’s return to the Cubs’ line-up and his potential impact…

Peter Gammons: Red Sox’ bright future and more from San Diego

SAN DIEGO—It was at this time last season that across New England there were howls to trade Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley and even Xander Bogaerts for a pitcher, any veteran pitcher, no matter how he profiled pitching for the Red Sox, who play 108 games a season in four of the worst pitchers’ parks […]

Video: Peter Gammons on upcoming draft, Dodgers’ pitching, and Rich Hill

Peter Gammons joins the Rundown to discuss some diamond notes regarding the Dodgers’ pitching outlook, Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber, college bats coming from the 2016 draft, and the emergence of Rich Hill…

Restore, Rehab, Repeat

The Cubs restored, refaced, and resurfaced Wrigley Field hoping that the face lift along with the continued development of their young talent fomenting in their revamped team could finally , finally,..FINALLY end their decades long dry spell of raising the National League pennant and worse a century plus drought of winning the World Series trophy. […]

The Mechanics of Jean Segura’s Monster Start

At some point, we’re going to have to acknowledge what Jean Segura is doing. I realize now might not be the most appropriate time, since we’re less than a week into the season, and 98% of the year is still in front of us. BUT, he’s the current major-league leader in wins above replacement (0.5) heading into the […]

Peter Gammons: Joe Maddon and managing human beings

MESA, Ar.—It was between games of a day-night doubleheader in Pittsburgh last September, and as we sat together in the visiting manager’s office between games, Joe Maddon summed up his managerial style. “I appreciate, love and use all the analytics and scouting information that so many people work on and get to my desk, the […]