Peter Gammons: San Francisco and the courting of Giancarlo Stanton

As of the morning of Monday, December 4, we still don’t know whether the Marlins preferred the offer for Giancarlo Stanton from the Cardinals or the Giants, or whether or not the Dodgers were preparing to at least shadow box. What we do know is that Gary Denbo has done a remarkable job in his […]

Peter Gammons: The Padres pillar in San Diego grows stronger than ever

The first time the ad for “The Founder” ran, the first thought wasn’t about a Big Mac or McRib sandwich, it was about who would play Doug Rader taking the lineup card up to home plate in a chef’s hat, the night after Ray Kroc called his newly-owned Padres a bunch of “short order cooks.” […]

Coffee and Clippings: And then there were two

Dan Shaughnessy (@Dan_Shaughnessy) of the Boston Globe wraps up the Larry Lucchino departure from 4 Yawkee Way as the Red Sox chain of responsibility is reduced by one… First it was Tito, Theo, and the Trio. There was a lot of arguing and pushback in the Red Sox front office for eight years while the […]

Mr. Speaker, the President of the…

In honor of President Obama‘ s State of the Union address tonight, I wondered how terrific it would be if the president of each ballclub was obliged to give a similar speech telling players and fans the current condition of the team and the goals for the coming season. In many cases, the team’s president […]

Peter Gammons on the Cubs hiring of Rick Renteria

Peter Gammons joined the Mully and Hanley Show on 670 The Score in Chicago this morning to talk about the Cubs’ new manager, Rick Renteria. Here are some excerpts from the interview. On what Renteria brings to Wrigley Field: Peter Gammons: Well I think, a couple things, I think the fact that he is bilingual […]

Revisiting the Red Sox – Dodgers Deal

Ben Cherington was sitting in the Greenville, S.C. airport last August 24, awaiting a flight that led to a connection back to Boston. He nervously fidgeted with his smartphone, awaiting the final word on whether or not all the players in what was proposed to be a monumental deal with the Dodgers had cleared, and […]