Gammons Notes: Rob Manfred, Giancarlo Stanton, recovering in Colorado and Rusney Castillo

There is no question Rob Manfred can be a very good commissioner, as Tim Brosnan would have been, and so would Bob Iger had baseball been willing to look outside their house. Manfred knows where the bodies are buried. He understands some of the issues in the gathering storms between a new union leadership and […]

Happy birthday to the great trivia answer: Jack Fisher

Last night, the great Miami Heat forward LeBron James scored a franchise record 61 points. For many like-minded baseball fans, 61 is a magic number, retaining its place as the single-season home run record total hit by Yankee Roger Maris in 1961. Because of its import in baseball history, you tend to remember many things […]

Top 2013 Baseball Google Searches

It’s not surprising that the top 2013 MLB team search was the World Champion Boston Red Sox The Pirates and the Indians have to be pleased with the increased interest in their teams. Boston was fifth in 2012 The Yankees were first. Alex Rodriguez was the most Googled MLB-er in 2013 Derek Jeter was the […]