Coffee and Clippings: An insider’s view of the rise of Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza

Alex Speier (@alexspeier) of the Boston Globe gives an insider’s look into the coming up of Jeff Bagwell and recent Hall of Fame elected Mike Piazza… Of course, in the case of both Piazza and Bagwell, their early careers often are cited as circumstantial evidence of a possible PED taint over their careers. Piazza went […]

Peter Gammons: The Hall of Fame conversation: Jay Jaffe, Bill James, Bonds, Griffey, and Mussina

Sometimes I feel as if we Hall of Fame voters, most of whom really care about filling out the ballot, need a year-round, 24/7 Spotlight Team to define these times. There is so much we really still do not know, not about performance enhancing drug use in the 1980s—which was apparently a lot more prevalent than […]

Newberg: The longest winter.

The Rangers didn’t trade for Cole Hamels. They didn’t trade for Cole Hamels, because before they could do that, he said yes to Houston. They didn’t trade for Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman, because Houston got them both, and didn’t need to trade for Oliver Perez two weeks later. They didn’t trade for Cole Hamels […]

Newberg: Secondary market.

You asked that other owner in your fantasy league a thousand times for Dodgers prospect Raul Mondesi (Sr.), and Expos minor league shortstop Wil Cordero and Marlins reliever Matt Mantei slightly less often, and you got nowhere. If your cordless phone calls were even returned, they didn’t last long, as he inevitably tried convincing you […]

Zunino Whiffing His Way into Oblivion

Earlier this week, we broke down why the Seattle Mariners landed a bargain by signing free agent backstop Chris Iannetta. While Iannetta looks like a prime bounce-back candidate, the reason why new Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto brought in a new catcher in the first place is much less cheery. Incumbent starter Mike Zunino, selected third […]

Coffee and Clippings: Rich Hill signs with A’s for one year, $6m

Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe) of the Boston Globe on the A’s signing of Rich Hill for the 2016 season… Without other options, Hill signed with the independent Long Island Ducks and returned to starting for the first time since 2009. Hill struck out 21 in 11 innings for the Ducks and was signed to a minor […]

Newberg: The varying degree of cutting ties.

There are nine new GM’s in baseball since August, and while some of their predecessors are merely moving upstairs, that’s not the case for all of them, including Seattle’s Jerry Dipoto. Dipoto hasn’t overhauled his new club the way A.J. Preller did last winter with the Padres, but it’s early.  He’s been on the job less than two […]

Video: Peter Gammons from Kauffman Stadium

Peter Gammons joins MLB Tonight from Kaufman Stadium to preview this Royals Mets World Series match up and discuss general manager openings throughout the Majors…

Coffee and Clippings: Travis Shaw showcasing promising ability to adapt at the plate

Tim Britton (@TimBritton) of the Providence Journal talks about Boston’s Travis Shaw showing his ability to adapt at the plate… Shaw’s homer Wednesday came on a 3-2 splitter that Masahiro Tanaka left hanging over the plate; contrary to most home runs hit to Yankee Stadium’s right field, there was nothing cheap about a shot that […]

Newberg: Draw

Taijuan Walker had bedeviled the Rangers twice this season in Texas, scattering three runs in 13 innings, and then last night he retired the first four hitters he faced, but I liked how it looked.  My tweet after Adrian Beltre lined out to left to open the second: “Three balls squared up so far (all but Prince).  Good […]