Peter Gammons: Agents, scouts, prospects, changing trends, and the MLB Draft

The Baseball Draft was changed in 2012 because the Commissioner’s Office felt that teams like the Red Sox could use their development revenues to sign players like Anthony Rizzo in later rounds for high round contracts. The idea was to restrict signing pools based on the previous year’s standings and allow losing teams better access […]

Peter Gammons: Ten thoughts when not slipping on black ice

1). On January 23, somewhere between 12 and 20 teams will attend an indoor showcase outside Boston to watch Craig Breslow throw. Depending on whether or not he insists on a guaranteed deal, one club, after watching his video, estimates as many as a dozen teams could offer to sign the 36 year old. Yes, […]

Video: Peter Gammons joins MLB Tonight

Peter Gammons discusses the college scholarship program he helps spearhead and how the city of Boston plans to honor him on January 9…

Newberg: A glimpse of invincible.

Really excellent win last night, with the Rangers offense piling six of their 10 hits up in one inning, picking up their ace after he’d done so for them so many times, Rougie Odor having a day at the plate and in the field, all kinds of outstanding infield defense, and four right-handed relievers shutting […]

Peter Gammons: Craig Biggio revels in moment as Astros fans rise to occasion

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y.—Main Street was lined at 7 p.m. Friday, lined with people in Houston Astros garb. “I don’t ever remember seeing an Astros shirt here,” one Hall of Fame worker laughed. And inside, with the museum open until 8, there were Astros fans filling every room. By 7:30, they’d made a remarkable discovery—the Craig Biggio […]

Peter Gammons: The Importance of First-Round Draft Picks

When the 2015 draft convenes a week from Monday (on MLB Network), conventional thinking labels this a down pool; deep, but not laden with any immediate impact stars. The primary reason is that college baseball lacks stars. Think back to the ’85 draft, when B.J. Surhoff, Will Clark, Barry Larkin and Barry Bonds were in […]

Video: Peter Gammons on the importance of first-round draft picks, Mark Appel, and Bryce Harper

Peter Gammons joined The Rundown to talk about the upcoming MLB Draft and notable first-round draft misses in the past. He stresses the importance of first-round draft picks, especially for teams who cannot afford to tap into the international market. Peter also talks about the slow development of Astros’ Mark Appel and how Bryce Harper […]

Peter Gammons: The Worst Curse in Life

It was the first inning of the first 2015 game at Fenway Park. Bryce Harper was announced and walked towards the batter’s box, and about ten rows behind home plate a man with a large girth and the bravery of a few noon-on beers stood and booed at the top of his lungs. “You(—) Haapah,” […]

Friday Six Pack: Coghlan, homerless Hech, Kluber over Kersh?, Bad Appel, Tulo & Urias

Friday… Baseball’s Mariano Rivera. A one-two-three inning that is awaited by the highly anticipated post-game celebration known as the weekend. And if your week was more like Adam Dunn on the mound down 15-1 in the ninth, I apologize and leave you with this: the Friday Six Pack. Read responsibly. Former Rookie of the Year […]

Peter Gammons: With Byrnes out, Padres ownership has a lot to prove

Whoever replaces Josh Byrnes will be the Padres fourth general manager in six years, and the fact that Kevin Towers and Jed Hoyer are running the Diamondbacks and Cubs, respectively, speaks for the instability of ownership for a franchise whose historic winning percentage is the worst of any National League team. To state that the […]