Peter Gammons: The Gurriel Brothers are upon us

In Houston camp, the older brother Yulieski Gurriel, star of the 2006 World Baseball Classic, is playing first base and veteran players have told people that despite his average 130 at-bat finish to the 2016 season–.292 OBP, .345 slug—that he is so good a hitter as the rust wears off that he could hit anywhere […]

Peter Gammons: Anthopolous was simply uncomfortable with situation in Toronto

It wasn’t the money. Alex Anthopolous had been thinking this out since the Blue Jays were eliminated by the Royals. He’d been offered a five year deal by the Rogers people. It wasn’t Mark Shapiro, who starts as club president on Nov. 2. The 38 year old general manager, whose trades brought Toronto its first […]

Peter Gammons: With Byrnes out, Padres ownership has a lot to prove

Whoever replaces Josh Byrnes will be the Padres fourth general manager in six years, and the fact that Kevin Towers and Jed Hoyer are running the Diamondbacks and Cubs, respectively, speaks for the instability of ownership for a franchise whose historic winning percentage is the worst of any National League team. To state that the […]

Peter Gammons: Determined Sizemore returns to major league stage

Mark Shapiro was watching a spring training game between the Indians and Angels when his son Caden said, “people say the same things about Mike Trout that you used to say about Grady Sizemore.” As ever, Caden was right. His father, then the Cleveland general manager who traded for Sizemore when he was a 19-year […]

Mr. Speaker, the President of the…

In honor of President Obama‘ s State of the Union address tonight, I wondered how terrific it would be if the president of each ballclub was obliged to give a similar speech telling players and fans the current condition of the team and the goals for the coming season. In many cases, the team’s president […]

Cleveland Averaging Low Attendance Rate

With two weeks to play, there are four teams averaging fewer than 20,000 per game: Tampa Bay 18,724, Miami 19,321, Cleveland 19,435 and Houston 19,595. There are five individual franchises that average more than the combined averages of the two Florida teams.     “Everyone talks about the plight of Tampa Bay and Oakland, but the […]