Peter Gammons: Reflection of Hall of Fame inductees Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell

Tim Raines signs HOF after his name, the second greatest leadoff hitter in history, a man who reached base more often than Tony Gwynn or Roberto Clemente. So does Jeff Bagwell, who statistically is one of the six best first basemen ever, second only behind Albert Pujols since World War II. And Pudge Rodriguez, one […]

Peter Gammons: The remarkable journey of Devin Smeltzer and his battle with cancer

“Things that don’t kill you only make you that much stronger.”  Devin Smeltzer’s Twitter profile page Matt Hyde had read that. Hyde is a Yankee scout who covers the Northeast. He and Ray Fagnant run showcase teams out of New England and the tri-state area in the Northeast, and Smeltzer pitched for them last summer […]