Peter Gammons: A Marlins Monday, position allocation, & Dusty Baker on Betts

JUPITER, Fla.—Some days the split squad games suit what the Marlins need to make their eight man bullpen work. For instance, as Mike Hill says, “we’re trying to get Ichiro Suzuki and Justin Bour as many at-bats against lefthanded pitchers as possible this spring because with a four man bench we have to see if […]

Martin, Stanton Deals More Significant to Toronto, Miami Than Dollar Figures

It was November, 1990. The Blue Jays had moved into their futuristic Skydome midway through the previous season. The team Pat Gillick had so carefully built, was ready to win and there was one matter to which he and Paul Beaston felt they had to address: signing a free agent. They’d never gone there, and […]

Peter Gammons: Stanton, Marlins Have More To Weigh Than A Dollar Figure In Extension Talks

No one knows whether or not Giancarlo Stanton will sign an extension with the Marlins. It’s silly to speculate on what he might get, because he has to decide whether or not he wants to do so, long before the dollars even begin being negotiated. Giancarlo likes Miami; he considered spending the winter there before […]

Gammons Notes: Rob Manfred, Giancarlo Stanton, recovering in Colorado and Rusney Castillo

There is no question Rob Manfred can be a very good commissioner, as Tim Brosnan would have been, and so would Bob Iger had baseball been willing to look outside their house. Manfred knows where the bodies are buried. He understands some of the issues in the gathering storms between a new union leadership and […]