Newberg: The importance of Mark Teixeira.

I’ve been doing this for more than 18 years.  I started before Mark Teixeira was a professional baseball player, and there’s at least a decent chance I’ll be doing it after that, too. Strange feeling. He and a fellow Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket are the two greatest first-round draft picks in Texas Rangers history, but Teixeira, […]

Nine oddities from the list of 500-home run hitters

The great thing about baseball is that when you look at any list of 27 ballplayers you can find loads of odd numbers amongst their stats. This is certainly true when you look at the 27 sluggers with 500+ homers. Nine to Know: From the 500-homer list Babe Ruth had 113 sac bunts, but two […]

Bob Costas’ Eulogy to Mickey Mantle who died August 13, 1995

Mickey Mantle’s Eulogy presented by Bob Costas You know, it occurs to me as we’re all sitting here thinking of Mickey, he’s probably somewhere getting an earful from Casey Stengel, and no doubt quite confused by now. One of Mickey’s fondest wishes was that he be remembered as a great teammate, to know that the […]

Mike Trout: Greatest player in history before the age of 24?

We all know he is great, actually better than great. But I didn’t realize how impressive it was to witness his brilliance on the field until Mike Petriello (@mike_petriello) of put it into context with this tweet last night: Mike Trout turns 24 on Friday. He’ll almost certainly top the all-time WAR through age-23 […]

Nine players who are on the edge of a .300 lifetime batting average

In a Washington Post obituary of Mickey Mantle, Bart Barnes reminded of us of an oft-told story: He retired with a lifetime batting average of .298, which was a disappointment to many of Mantle’s fans and to Mantle himself. Years later, he told friends that he wished he’d retired after the 1964 season, his last […]

Abolish Interleague Play

The following contribution comes from University of Virginia student, Jake Lighter. You can read more from Jake on Baseball Essential.  Abolish interleague play. Demolish it. Disfigure it. Then burn it’s decrepit carcass. Interleague play is ruining baseball. Or at the very least partially responsible. Contrary to the thoughts of those younger than 25, regular season […]

June 9, 2015 – An Amazing Day in Baseball History

Some days in baseball are good, some days are bad, yesterday was great The No-Hitter • The Giants’ 27-year old rookie Chris Heston tossed this season’s first no-hitter, defeating the Mets, 5-0. It was the 17th in Giants history and it broke an 8-8 tie between New York and San Francisco. • In Heston’s 13th […]

Eight on #8 – Happy 90th Birthday, Yogi Berra

Happy 90th birthday to Lawrence Peter Berra Here’s eight on #8 for the Yankees: Yogi Berra Yogi Berra’s #8 was retired on Old Timer’s Day in 1972 by the Yankees. At the ceremony, the Yanks retired #8 both for Yogi and for Hall of Fame catcher Bill Dickey who also wore #8. Dickey had been […]

Paying big attention to baseball’s shortest players

I am vertically challenged. I look up to Ken Rosenthal, not only figuratively, but literally. Dustin Pedroia towers above me. I am Mini-Me It is with that in mind, I pay homage to baseball’s little guys. Nine to Know: Players under six feet tall This past season, 34 players under six feet tall, qualified for […]

20/20 recipients of the 2014 Willie Mays Award

The number of players with seasons of 20 homers and 20 steals are drifting down once again to their rightful numbers, meaning it needs to be a pretty extraordinary event which is why I would like present players who have 20/20 seasons with the “Willie Mays Award.” Here are the five seasons in which there […]