Trade Paparazzis

One rule change that baseball has improved is the July 31 trade deadline. It has made the month of July an exciting month  pennant races finally coming into focus  for players on the field,  fans in  the stands, the media in the press box and bloggers on  the internet.  Baseball is the one  sport that is arguably more defined  […]

A GM at the trade deadline

The whispers, rumors, and gossip start in early June but immediately after the final out of the All Star Game recorded (F-7 in your scorecard), trades become the real deal as franchises assess themselves and their postseason potential. MLB made a great move by pushing the deadline from June 15th to July 31st which has allowed teams more time […]

Can Matt Kemp Produce Post-Trade Deadline?

Major League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline passed Thursday at 4pm E.T., and though reports of transactions are still trickling in through the Twitterverse — some legitimate, others not so much — one thing remains certain: Matt Kemp is still a Los Angeles Dodger. With reported interest in the 29-year-old outfielder from Boston earlier in the […]

Video: Peter Gammons on memorable Trade Deadline deals

Peter Gammons talks about the important and most memorable Trade Deadline deals.  

Video: Peter Gammons on best and worst trade deadline moves in MLB history

Peter Gammons breaks down the best and worst trade deadlines moves in MLB history. If you haven’t read his piece, MLB Trade Deadline: The Scales of Present and Future, I highly recommend it.

Peter Gammons: MLB Trade Deadline: The Scales of Present and Future

On August 12, 1987, the Tigers were a game and a half behind the Blue Jays in the American League East. Their general manager Bill Lajoie knew that three years out from their ’84 world championship this was probably the last hurrah for this team, and so he traded for the veteran starter Lajoie felt […]

The Dead Tradeline

From the desk of Joe Sheehan. Joe Sheehan writes for Sports Illustrated and publishes the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter. When Aaron Sorkin gets around to picking topics for Season Three of “The Newsroom,” I’m guessing he’ll skip over this year’s trade deadline. There were four trades on the day of the deadline, two of which were […]

Deadline Wrap Up: Phillies Stay Put

I love the July, 31st non-waiver trade deadline. The finals 72 hours are filled with neurotic insomnia where Twitter becomes my only friend. My thumb on the other hand, resents how often I use it to refresh Twitter on my phone. But it’s only for a few days. Eventually, the non-finger and I makeup, and […]

Red Sox, White Sox and Tigers Make a Move

In the days leading up to the trading deadline, Red Sox manager John Farrell professed to be comfortable with Brandon Workman in his rotation. Monday, when someone listed all Jake Peavy’s strengths, Farrell said, “in other words, like Brandon Workman.” On Tuesday night, Workman went out and had his third straight six inning /2 earned […]

Oakland Considered Peavy

When Oakland checked in on Jake Peavy, Billy Beane was told it would take Sonny Gray and 19-year old Addison Russell, their two best prospects, plus they’d have to eat the remainder of Peavy’s contract. Not happening. Gray and, when he returns, Brett Anderson, can work out of what already is a formidable bullpen. “When […]