Peter Gammons: Midway check-in from Miami to Cambridge, Columbia SC, and the Cape

The season reaches its midway point this weekend, with the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Brewers and Nationals in line for the National League playoff positions, the Red Sox, Indians, Astros, Yankees and Twins out front, the Rays and Angels a game back of the wild card. With the All Star Game on the immediate horizon, this […]

Video: Peter on the emergence of Ian Happ, Dodgers’ depth, and more

Peter joins The Rundown to talk about the return of Rich Hill to the Dodgers, the emergence of prospect Ian Happ, David Price’d return to the rotation, and more…

Videos: Peter on Bud Selig’s career and Schuerholz impact on the Braves

On MLB Tonight, Peter Gammons shares his thoughts on the career of Bud Selig, who was elected into the Hall of Fame class of 2017… Peter on what made the combination of John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox so important to the success of the Braves…

Video: Peter Gammons on the Cuba-MLB connection

Peter gammons joins the Rundown on MLB Network to discuss Cuba’s connection to the MLB…

Analyzing the Early Stolen Base Drought

The 2016 season is all of four days old, which means everything we’ve witnessed up to this point can mostly be chalked up to noise and random variance. Small samples, after all, can be pretty misleading, and all we have to work with right now is a collective total of 2,864 plate appearances through Wednesday’s […]

Coffee and Clippings: Checking the facts … yup, MLB still has greater parity than the NFL

Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) of ESPN weighs in on the parity of the MLB over the NFL… Yeah, if only baseball could be more like football. If only baseball weren’t a sport where (sing along with me) The Same Teams Win Every Year. If only baseball had a little parity, like the almighty NFL. If only […]

Coffee and Clippings: MLB settlement a big win for out-of-town fans

Chad Finn (@GlobeChadFinn) of the Boston Globe discusses a recent legal suit settlement which brings good news for MLB fans outside of their team’s market… MLB settled a class-action lawsuit Tuesday in which lawyers representing a group of fans argued that antitrust laws had been violated by the collusion of some television networks to enact and […]

Coffee and Clippings: Frank Malzone, slugging Red Sox third baseman; at 85

Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe) of the Boston Globe on the life and career of Red Sox legend Frank Malzone… Frank Malzone grew up in the Bronx and attended high school a short distance from Yankee Stadium. He planned to become an electrician before a Red Sox scout spotted him in 1947 and offered the princely sum […]

8/11/2015: Home teams make MLB history

It is rare, but not that rare, to see every team in the Major Leagues playing on the same night. It happens a fair amount throughout the season. But last night something happened that we have never seen before. All 15 home teams won. I know what you are thinking; this can’t be the first time […]


America’s Pastime thrives but continues to be squeezed by sports that have encroached on its turf. It used to be that from mid-May to October, baseball was in its own world with kids from 8-80 devoting all their time listening on the radio, watching “The Game of the Week” on television, collecting and trading cards, and analyzing […]