Coffee and Clippings: Checking the facts … yup, MLB still has greater parity than the NFL

Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) of ESPN weighs in on the parity of the MLB over the NFL… Yeah, if only baseball could be more like football. If only baseball weren’t a sport where (sing along with me) The Same Teams Win Every Year. If only baseball had a little parity, like the almighty NFL. If only […]

Newberg: Holding fourth.

When the Cowboys make their first selection in the draft on April 28, as long as they don’t trade out of the number four slot it will be the third time that they and the Rangers have called names in the same first-round position in adjacent drafts. In June of 1973, Texas took Houston high […]


America’s Pastime thrives but continues to be squeezed by sports that have encroached on its turf. It used to be that from mid-May to October, baseball was in its own world with kids from 8-80 devoting all their time listening on the radio, watching “The Game of the Week” on television, collecting and trading cards, and analyzing […]