Video: Peter on Red Sox sign stealing, NL West, and more

Peter Gammons joins Christopher Russo and High Heat on MLB Network to share his thoughts on the Red Sox stealing signs incident, the recent ongoings in the NL West, and more…

Peter Gammons: Look West for the class of the National League

In a year in which the Seattle Mariners, who haven’t made the postseason since 2001, were redeveloped and now playing in exile in a land called the Disabled List, the discussions over the weekend in Fenway Park were a positive distraction. It was about shortstop Jean Segura, his .329 average coming off leading the National […]

Videos: Peter on Red Sox-Orioles feud, Manny Machado, the NL West, and more

Peter discusses Manny Machado’s on-field improvement, the D-backs and Rockies sustaining success and more… Peter joins High Heat with Christopher Russo to discuss the drama between the Orioles and Red Sox…

Peter Gammons: Dodgers and Giants primed for another race in 2017

GLENDALE, AR—They seem to have been bolted to one another since the end of World War II. Jackie Robinson, then Monte Irvin, and when the Dodgers tried to trade Jackie to the Giants, he refused. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Willie and The Duke. The Giants won in ’54, the Dodgers in ’55, and […]

Video: Peter on Red Sox offense, NL West, and more

Peter Gammons joins Scott Braun and MLB Tonight on MLB Network to talk about the Red Sox replacing David Ortiz in their lineup, the NL West, the Nationals’ bullpen, and more…

Video: Peter Gammons talks D-backs, Marlins, Orioles and more

Peter Gammons joins the Rundown on MLB Network with Christopher Russo to talk about the D-backs in the NL West, the state of the Marlins, the Orioles’ offense and more…

Temperatures Rising

Even though many of the races appear to be over, recent history would indicate that some of the leaders could spiral into a tailspin and wind up in the wildcard spot or worse out of the playoffs completely. As that famous baseball philosopher Yogi Berra says, “It ain’t over til it’s over” Houston, one of the surprise teams […]

Five questions for each division on Opening Day

On Opening Day, it is meet and right to remember the final games of the last five seasons. And remember that last fall Juan Perez started in left field in Game Seven for the San Francisco Giants, as Xander Bogaerts started the clincher at a position at which he’d started 9 regular season games in […]

Video: Peter Gammons on NL West, Nationals, A’s and more

Peter Gammons joins the Mad Dog on High Heat to discuss the NL West, the Nationals and Athletics. They also talk about Aroldis Chapman’s return to the mound.

NL West Midseason Projected Lineups

NL West Midseason Projected Lineups Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants  (All stats through 4/16) AL East               NL East AL Central               NL Central AL West