Peter Gammons: A year’s difference makes all the difference for Rich Hill

When Rich Hill awakened to the morning after his Wednesday Dodger debut, he tried to remember where he was on August 24th last year. “I know I was in Pawtucket,” he says, with no recollection of whether or not he pitched. Which he did not. A year ago Wednesday he probably threw a bullpen in […]

What the heck were they doing with Jackie Bradley this year?

By now the narrative on Jackie Bradley Jr. for 2015 is ‘he should have been in uniform from opening day’. But that was not the case. Perhaps the game’s best defensive outfielder, Bradley seemed to be held back by his struggling bat going into 2015. Despite a .375 BA in spring training this year, Bradley found it tough […]

Coffee and Clippings: How Red Sox teamed up to help Eduardo Rodriguez not tip his pitches

Rob Bradford (@bradfo) of WEEI on how the Red Sox are helping Eduardo Rodriguez to stop tipping his pitches… The issue that plagued Rodriguez against the Orioles — tipping his pitches with runners on base — didn’t seem totally fixed. While he did correct the glove position when in the stretch, which was different in his delivery […]

Oscars in Baseball

In honor of the 86th Academy Awards being presented Sunday night, here are some baseball Oscars. The Hall of Famer There is only one Oscar in the Hall of Fame and that is the great Negro Leaguer Oscar Charleston elected in 1976. In 60 league games in 1921, he batted .434 while leading the Negro […]