What’s with the offense?

William O’Toole is a sports cartoonist and writer. You can follow him on twitter @sawdust2012.

Video: Peter Gammons on the Cardinals drafting Delvin Perez

Peter Gammons joins Harold Reynolds and Jack Zduriencik on MLB Network to discuss the Cardinals taking Delvin Perez with the 23rd pick despite a positive PED test…

With Bosch sentenced to four years, baseball attempts to return to normalcy

Steven Macri is a sports writer for My CJ Sports and has formally interned with SiriusXM and Fox Sports. Give him a follow on Twitter @StevenMacri. Major League Baseball can finally make a transition into normalcy. After years of outrage from steroid use at the professional level, with the most notable event being the Biogenesis scandal, […]

Gammons Notes: The Hall of Fame Voting Process, Yankee shortstops, Red Sox and more

Sometimes the rhetoric gets pretty heated, to the point where honest opinion is demeaned; I had someone rail at me on twitter about Alan Trammell v. Lou Whitaker. Someone who clearly never saw them play regularly, did not discuss them with teammates and opponents and knew only what the screen blinked, as if baseball players […]

MLB home run numbers are way down in 2014

There has been plenty of talk of how baseball has lost its power. Whether you want to blame that on the exiting of steroids or just an overall shift in the way batters are approaching the game, the home run numbers are way down. Maybe I am telling you nothing you don’t already know. But, […]

New Life for Nelson Cruz

After facing a 50-game suspension due to PED use, Nelson Cruz had himself a rough off-season, turning down a one-year 14 million dollar offer from the Rangers and eventually signing a one-year deal with the Orioles for 8 million. Leaving 6 million dollars on the table in a one-year deal would make anyone upset. Cruz […]

April Spotlight: The Early Resurgence of Ryan Braun

Going into the 2014 season, no one knew what to expect from the former MVP turned PED outcast, Ryan Braun. People knew what he was able to do with a little help from scientific advancements, but were left wondering if he would return anything close to what he was before the suspension. In a seemingly […]

Peter Gammons: Always wanting to be more, Alex Rodriguez robbed himself of an authentic career

It was a Monday morning in early February, cool by Miami standards, and Alex Rodriguez had on a light sweater. He had agreed to sit down and answer a story by Selena Roberts that in 2003 he had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, and when he had been miked and the ESPN cameras began […]

Coffee and Clippings: Teammate on Henry Owens: “I think he’s the next Kershaw”

Brian MacPherson (@brianmacp) of the Providence Journal talks about teammate Deven Marrero’s comments about Henry Owens being the next Clayton Kershaw… But at the same time the Los Angeles Dodgers were announcing a record-breaking contract extension for two-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw, a big lefty with a low-90s curveball and a devastating arsenal […]

Peter Gammons: When Rodriguez distraction fades, Yankees can move forward

Joe Tacopina can continue to do his job and bill his hours. He and the rest of the “team” can, without remorse, trash the late Michael Weiner, or understand that Alex Rodriguez wouldn’t be able to afford his firm or his spin doctors were it not for one of Marvin Miller’s greatest accomplishments, the right […]