Red Sox Faith in Workman

How much does John Farrell like Brandon Workman? As I ran through all Peavy brings—toughness, throws strikes, big heart—Farrell looked me right in the face and said, “you know I love Peavy, but what you’re saying he does—and he does—is what Brandon Workman does and will do for a long time.”

Ortiz On His Ejection

“I don’t pitch. I don’t play defense. I hit. You’re not going to take an at-bat away from me” -David Ortiz reacts to his recent ejection in Baltimore

Jose Iglesias – A Profile On Baseball Intelligence

Jose Iglesias has always been Dustin Pedroia’s mentee, from the time the Cuban refugee reported to Red Sox spring training in 2010 and Pedroia had him to his spring training house for dinner two or three times a week. This past winter, when Iglesias flew to Arizona to train with Pedroia and Andre Ethier, Pedroia noticed a change […]

Will Middlebrooks Learn? Will The Red Sox?

When I was a kid, I felt like my dad was always teaching me something new about baseball. One of the things he had to keep reminding me of is to contain my excitement about rookies when they first come up to the bigs. There were no such things like the sabermetrics and in-depth analysis […]

Boston Should Be Worried About Their Pitching

As I pointed out yesterday, the Red Sox revival this season has more to do with John Farrell‘s magic with getting the most out of timely hitting and good clubhouse chemistry than with his presumed talents with a pitching staff. The Red Sox are seventh in the league with a team ERA of 3.84. Their starters […]

This Year the MLB Draft Worked

No one likes all the elements of the new draft that began last June. Yes, as several rebuilding general managers have observed, it pushes the dollars to the free agent market; hence the larger revenue clubs still control that market. It takes away from clubs’ ability to build from the base up, as well as […]