Peter Gammons: WBC breaks through to show us something

The fact that Team U.S.A. won isn’t the point. Adam Jones and Eric Hosmer may have played with the fervor and passion of flag-waving Olympic moments from Jesse Owens to David Silk clearing the defensive zone to make real beliefs in miracles, but this isn’t the same. If there were a Cuban-American team in the […]

Remembering Monte Irvin – Check out his Hall of Fame season in 1951

Baseball lost one its greats on Monday night, as Hall of Fame outfielder Monte Irvin passed away at age 96, he was the second-oldest living Hall of Famer, behind Bobby Doerr who will be 98 in April. Born on February 25, 1919, in Haleburg, Alabama, Irvin was 30 years old when he broke into the […]


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Legends of the Game: Roberto Clemente

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. All stats in the ATM reports are generated from the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, unless explictly stated otherwise. FRAA, since 1950, comes from Baseball Prospectus. Lee can be followed on twitter @ATMreports. Today’s Legends of the Game is […]

Longest hitting streaks for nine Hall of Fame outfielders

Last night, Joey Votto hit a walkoff solo homer in the Reds 4-3 win over Colorado Rockies. The bigger story, at least for me, was that Johnny Cueto ended Nolan Arenado‘s hitting streak at 28 games. We have had some fun talking and tweeting about each franchise’s longest hitting streak leader, but one of the […]

The US Mint issuing HOF commemorative coins

At 12 noon ET today, the U.S. Mint will release its first ever curved coins in gold, silver and clad to celebrate the National Baseball Hall of Fame and its diamond anniversary. The National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative $5 gold, $1 silver, and one-half dollar clad coins will have a shape such that the […]

Special player, special person—Beltran deserving of Clemente Award

You can follow Corey Noles on twitter (@coreynoles). In the game of baseball, great players come along every so often who are amazing to watch on the field because of their raw athletic ability. Athletic ability, however, doesn’t breed character. Once in a while that special player comes along who is not only amazing on […]