Peter Gammons: The lost game of pepper, Astros’ analytical approach, chess, and more

Ted Williams used to play pepper almost every day, for what he said was the feel of manipulating the bat and getting the daily feel of exacting the barrel of the bat to the ball. Yet, for a number of reasons like complaints by ground crews that players dug up the grass with their games, […]

Peter Gammons: Managers sit and live on “The Hot Seat”

The search for the next manager to be fired has become part of baseball coverage’s daily routine. It begins in March with prognostications about which managers could be on “The Hot Seat,” and continues on through the season, which happened in September, 2008 in Milwaukee when Ned Yost was fired while tied for first place […]

Gammons Notes: White Sox, Russell Wilson, Jeff Samardzija and more

Notes from a rental car, Seasons 52 Edamame and my daily dose of Jackie Greene on the iPhone: –When the White Sox arrived at their facility in Glendale, Arizona, to get to the clubhouse each player had to walk a red carpet, lined by red velvet ropes. Hey, who knew Adam Dunn would be an […]

Adam Dunn and the Oscars? (VIDEO)

Sunday night as you scan the Red Carpet, and the crowd inside the Dolby Theatre watching the Academy Awards, looking for the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and Tom Hanks, keep your eyes open for a guy in a Chicago White Sox style tuxedo. Yes, Adam Dunn is  heading to the Oscars […]

Which of the lame duck managers will get the axe in 2014? – POLL

Don Mattingly did not want to go into the 2014 season with the mantle of “lame duck” hanging over his head. The Dodgers did not want that either and brought a sense stability to the free-spending organization by providing Donnie Baseball  with a three-year contract extension. There are however a number of managers who would […]