Peter Gammons: 2B MVP’s, contending bullpens, and more late September notes

Second base has traditionally not been an MVP position. There have been only five MVPs in either league since World War II, from Jackie Robinson in 1949, to Dustin Pedroia in 2007. In the last decade, only twice—2016 with Jose Altuve and Robinson Cano—and 2013, with Cano and Pedroia, have two second basemen made either’s […]

Peter Gammons: Midway check-in from Miami to Cambridge, Columbia SC, and the Cape

The season reaches its midway point this weekend, with the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Brewers and Nationals in line for the National League playoff positions, the Red Sox, Indians, Astros, Yankees and Twins out front, the Rays and Angels a game back of the wild card. With the All Star Game on the immediate horizon, this […]

Peter Gammons: Look West for the class of the National League

In a year in which the Seattle Mariners, who haven’t made the postseason since 2001, were redeveloped and now playing in exile in a land called the Disabled List, the discussions over the weekend in Fenway Park were a positive distraction. It was about shortstop Jean Segura, his .329 average coming off leading the National […]

Videos: Peter on Red Sox-Orioles feud, Manny Machado, the NL West, and more

Peter discusses Manny Machado’s on-field improvement, the D-backs and Rockies sustaining success and more… Peter joins High Heat with Christopher Russo to discuss the drama between the Orioles and Red Sox…

Peter Gammons: Dodgers and Giants primed for another race in 2017

GLENDALE, AR—They seem to have been bolted to one another since the end of World War II. Jackie Robinson, then Monte Irvin, and when the Dodgers tried to trade Jackie to the Giants, he refused. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Willie and The Duke. The Giants won in ’54, the Dodgers in ’55, and […]

Video: Peter on Rockies’ bullpen, Orioles, Royals, and more

Peter Gammons joins Tuesday’s Hot Stove to talk about the Orioles’ work in the community, the Rockies’ bullpen and more…

Bartolo Colon’s “Historic” Walk Unbreaks History

The New York Mets 43-year old zaftig hurler set a record last night and in the process removed himself from the record books. Confused? Let me explain. Bartolo Colon faced off yesterday against the Arizona Diamondbacks with the hope of becoming the 18th pitcher in MLB history to beat all 30 teams. He didn’t. He […]

Gerardo Brings More Potent Bat, Diminished Leather to Coors

The Colorado Rockies signed free agent outfielder Gerardo Parra on Tuesday, securing the former Diamondback, Brewer and Oriole’s services with a three-year, $27.5M deal that includes a $12M club option for the 2019 season. The deal will almost assuredly lead to one of Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon or Corey Dickerson departing Colorado, given the redundancy […]

Video: Peter Gammons discusses Troy Tulowitzki among other trade deadline topics

Peter Gammons joins Kelly Nash on The Rundown to talk about the Blue Jays acquiring Troy Tulowitzki from the Rockies in addition to potential trades around the league to come before the July 31 deadline.

Blue Jays Add Tulo, Try to Bludgeon Way into Playoffs

The Toronto Blue Jays, featuring MLB’s best offense (5.28 runs per game) but few standouts on the mound (4.33 runs allowed per game, 10th-worst), have been connected to a plethora of starting pitchers who could be moved prior to Friday’s trade deadline. The Jays might still add an arm, but they decided to bolster their […]