Newberg: Wrecking Ball.

Wins come in all kinds of different forms, as therefore do losses, and if I were blogging the Astros season I don’t know that I’d have the will to write this one up. Though, really, as new as the story line might have been Monday night, it was true to the formula, and I’m not […]

Newberg: Just you watch

This is Hugh. Hugh leaves baseball games early. As long as he’s done the wave. Hugh will tell you there’s no bigger baseball fan. Every chance he gets. Hugh has a friend 240 miles south who really gets baseball.  It’s about kicking the farm-rankings can and the MVP race and the countdown to someone combining Rasmus’s […]

Ortiz not the first and won’t be the last

David Ortiz is in the spotlight today and like the accomplished orator who begin his speeches with “As unaccustomed as I am to public speaking…”, Big Selfie is where he wants to be. This is not about about the fact that the Red Sox DH homered twice for the second consecutive night to lead Boston […]