Game recaps: David Wright has 4 hits

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. Lee can followed on twitter @ATMreports. 1) METS 4, BRAVES 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 R H E – – – – – – – – – […]

Spring Training Highlights: Strasburg K’s 7, Bob Uecker talks opening day, Twins’ prank

Bryce Harper goes deep to left center… Stephen Strasburg strikes out seven versus Mets… Broadcasting legend Bob Uecker talks opening day… Willie Randolph photo bombs Joe Girardi… Royals’ manager Ned Yost discusses starting pitcher Bruce Chen, Eric Hosmer ejected… Ryan Howard’s solo shot to right… Jason Heyward towering blast over scoreboard… Grady Sizemore goes deep […]

Video: Peter Gammons talks with Burnett, Howard at Phillies camp

Peter Gammons talks with A.J. Burnett  and Ryan Howard as the Phillies open camp.

Coffee and Clippings: Teixeira: ‘We’re back to being the Yankees again’

Mark Feinsand (@FeinsandNYDN) of the NY Daily News talks about Mark Teixeira and how the Yankees lineup is “back to being the Yankees again”… Listening to Mark Teixeira talk about the Yankees’ offseason, it was difficult to tell if he was the team’s first baseman or an excited sports-radio caller. Teixeira was upbeat on Sunday […]

80 to celebrate on Henry Aaron’s 80th birthday

If I were to write my autobiography of my life as a baseball fan, I would make sure that the world knew that one of my highlights was that I got to see Hank Aaron play baseball. Happy 80th birthday, Hank! Henry Louis Aaron was born on February 5, 1934. In Aaron’s first season in […]

Where have all the left-handed power hitters gone?

We have already looked at the decreasing number of righties who went deep for thirty homers last season, but there were even fewer lefties who hit 30 dingers in 2013. Chris Davis was the only lefty with over 36 homers last season. There were only six in 2013 2013 Lefties with 30+ Homers HR AVG […]

Chris Davis’ Monster Year

Chris Moran is a second-year law student at Washington University in St. Louis. He is also an assistant coach with the baseball team at Washington University. He graduated from Wheaton College, where he wore the tools of ignorance for the baseball team. Follow him on twitter @hangingslurves. Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis had himself quite a year. The […]

Orioles Flying in the Right Direction

Within the walls that protect baseball’s culture, the Orioles have become the working man’s team. Oh, it’s not like they have 25 Nick Puntos; they have six everyday players who have been allstars, including three starters in this July’s game in New York, Chris Davis is on a pace to challenge Roger Maris’s 61* and […]