Video: Peter joins Hot Stove to discuss Padres, Red Sox, and more

Peter Gammons joins Hot Stove on MLB Network to discuss the Padres’ approach to rebuilding, some of the key American League pitchers and more…

Peter Gammons: The Padres pillar in San Diego grows stronger than ever

The first time the ad for “The Founder” ran, the first thought wasn’t about a Big Mac or McRib sandwich, it was about who would play Doug Rader taking the lineup card up to home plate in a chef’s hat, the night after Ray Kroc called his newly-owned Padres a bunch of “short order cooks.” […]

Front Office Theology

San Diego is the Jeckyll/Hyde team of the NL West. They just can ‘t figure out who they are and where they want to go as a franchise. In 2015, they were all in for a giant run toward the postseason adding veterans and payroll. It didn’t work the way the front office as the […]

A Midsummer Classic’s Dream

The first All Star Game played in San Diego was best described as “just another typical National League victory” with the NL down 3-0, coming back to score the last seven runs in the game. It was a  contest that didn’t have too many fireworks, no homeruns hit, but three triples slugged, two by the 1977 AL MVP, Rod […]

Videos: All Star Special: Peter Gammons from San Diego

Chris Sale talks about what it means to be an All-Star, his experience so far and how he thinks the White Sox will do in the second half… Peter joins High Heat to discuss the history of the All-Star Game and what he expects to see in the second half of the season… Greg Amsinger […]