Video: Peter on Mariners’ rotation, strike zone, and more

Peter Gammons joins Hot Stove from Phoenix to discuss the possible changes to the strike zone, Mariners’ rotation, expectations for Tyler Glasnow and more…

Strike Zones

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Are Hitters Adapting to MLB’s Ever-Lowering Strike Zone?

Entering the 2015 season, league-wide offensive production had declined three years running. Clubs scored an average of 4.32 runs per game in 2012, but that total declined to 4.17 in 2013 and just 4.07 in 2014 — the lowest output since 1981 and a full run lower that the go-go days of the new millennium. […]

Yordano Ventura Untouchable at the Heart of the Zone

Sputtering offensively through baseball’s first four weeks, the Kansas City Royals’ starting rotation has been one of the best in baseball (3.08 ERA, 1.20 WHIP) to his point, and a big reason for that has been the production of young 23-year-old right-handed fire-baller Yordano Ventura. Blanking the Baltimore Orioles over eight complete innings to the tune […]