Peter Gammons: Volume of Tommy John surgeries begs some questions

When the news came that Garrett Richards needed Tommy John Surgery, the reality hit the Angels that they were in a place from which they may not be able to escape. Andrew Heaney was already on the disabled list, C.J. Wilson trying to come back from surgery, Tyler Skaggs trying to come back, Matt Shoemaker was […]

Tommy John: The Nerve of Him

Every team’s pitching staff owes a debt of gratitude to Tommy John‘s courage, who rebounded from arm trouble in 1974 over four decades ago and returned in 1976 to the major leagues, the Major Leagues, THE MAJOR LEAGUES after having revolutionary surgery. He pitched competently enough to continue his career for another 14 years. Today his surgery is […]

Peter Gammons: What will Wieters, Vazquez be post-Tommy John surgery?

The value of catchers has been trending in this age when analytics and baseball wisdom have morphed. The development of framing analytics is, in the words of a traditional, championship catcher named Mike Scioscia, “important because of the emphasis it puts on such an important element of run prevention,” and has elevated the importance of […]

A Tommy John Surgery Theory

Neil Weinberg is the Founder of New English D and the Associate Managing Editor at Beyond The Box Score. You can follow and interact with him on Twitter @NeilWeinberg44.  I’m not a doctor and I haven’t spent years studying the fragility of the human elbow when it is asked to fire baseballs at 95 mph. […]

Coffee and Clippings: Increase in Tommy John surgeries may be rooted in youth ball

Dave Sheinin (@DaveSheinin) of the Washington Post writes that the increase in Tommy John surgeries may be rooted in youth ball… The young pitchers arriving in Major League Baseball these days, as a group, throw harder than any generation before them. They have more overall mound experience, in many cases having played baseball year-round as adolescents […]

Peter Gammons: Tommy John injuries a growing epidemic in baseball

We had two brilliantly pitched games between two very good teams in red, when Cincinnati and St. Louis each scored one run in splitting their first two games. We already have a Jose Fernandez-Clayton Kershaw debate, the fans who once booed Santa Claus are booing Jonathan Papelbon’s 90 MPH fastball… But the first week of […]

Out with second Tommy John surgery, Jarrod Parker’s changeup will be missed

Undergoing one Tommy John surgery is bad enough, but going through two? That’s just wrong. Jarrod Parker now knows the feeling. Examined by a physician last week for tightness and soreness in his right forearm, Monday morning it was announced that the 25-year-old right hander would need to endure his second grueling surgery in order […]

Peter Gammons: GMs forced to retool as pitching injuries continue to impact the game

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.—Sandy Alderson and Frank Wren chatted before Thursday’s exhibition (and Ervin Santana’s debut), and the conversation quickly went where many a general manager’s conversations are driven these days. Tommy John Surgery. Or any other pitching injury imaginable. Out in front of the Mets dugout stood Matt Harvey, who by his nature wants […]

Matt Harvey, Turning Point

From the desk of Joe Sheehan. Joe Sheehan writes for Sports Illustrated and publishes the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter. Matt Harvey, one of the best pitchers and best stories in baseball in 2013, has a partially torn right ulnar collateral ligament. He has been placed on the 15-day disabled list and is probably done for the […]